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Metisse Replica

Posted on May 7, 2009 by Scott in Classic, Scrambler. 2 comments

Now I am a huge Steve McQueen fan. I am also a sucker for anything retro and vintage. I love the look of this bike and I am sure there is a lot of people out there who have more money than sense. But i have to agree with Hell For Leather (love your site guys) that this Steve McQueen Metisse Replica Desert Racer is priced steeper than the Great Escape jump (£13,000).  So hit this link to read their very honest review…


  • Back about 2001 after snagging a ride on an original Triumph engined Rickman Metisse I looked into having a Wasp/Metisse put together here in the US. See

    The cost was going to be about $10k – $12k back then. The price for the McQueen edition does not seem all that out of line for a vintage style bike like that but for the money I’d go find a vintage Metisse which seems to me would me more a more authentic experience than the current version.

  • Ace

    I would buy it if i won the lottery. (I may be bitter that I cant afford it).