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Not so Stupid

Posted on May 17, 2009 by Scott in Brat, Café Racer, Classic, Tracker. 5 comments

Stupid Crown has a unique name that matches their unique style. They are another Japanese Custom Shop producing some out of the ordinary bikes. The Honda Monkey sidecar pic is one of my favourites…

  • Jim

    Yeah!So Funny Boy&Girl!!
    Height just fits a motorcycle&Boat!!

    It is DUCATI single(the SHAMAN) to have been surprised in this HP.

  • Hello!My name’s Ryozzy I’m a friends of STUPID CROWN. I saw a HP of STUPID CROWN,so I got a this WEB SITE.
    Thank you so much,introducing about our MOTORPSYCHOLE CULTURE!
    My work is a needlwork,it’s not TATTO.It’s just a sewing.OLD car and MOTORPSYCHOLE seat making up!!
    If you are agree,I would like to introduce this site on MY BLOG,OK??

  • Ace

    Yep thats fine Ryozzy.

  • Ace

    just checked out your seat sewing… what beautiful needle work!

  • Thanx Ace!!
    Well,I’m going to introduce this site on my Blog soon!!
    Check it out my shop HP too.