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Moto Galore

Posted on June 19, 2009 by Scott in Bobber, Classic. 4 comments

Saw this pic on Joes Sign Shop. It’s a beautiful 1968 Triumph T100 R by Motor Galore . Kenneth from Motor Galore was born in Germany in 1965. He moved to the states to get away from Nazi rule and find a new life (we thank you for finding that life or else we wouldn’t see these cool bikes). As an accomplished metal artist extraordinare, his passion for motorcycles led him to Portland, Oregon. He celebrates MotoGalore with a yearly event “Hot Dogs, Hot Babes & Hot Bikes”. That sounds like the perfect combination.

  • Andrew

    very imaginative to use a coleman fuel tank for his oiler!

  • Born in 1965 and moving to “get away from Nazi rule”?! srsly… you don’t have to be a history professor to know that this is crazy…

  • But nice bike 🙂

  • yamahaexcess

    Kenneth was born in 1965 … 20 years AFTER the end of Nazi rule. Was he born in East Germany and needed to get away from Communist rule?