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Deus W650 Bobber

Posted on June 22, 2009 by Scott in Bobber, Café Racer. 2 comments

I just love this Deus W650 Swing Bobber. It puts the schwing back in swing bobber. If i took it to a swinger party I could not throw the keys in the hat, even if another hottie was ready for a kick start. No, not even some slutty, sexy, eurotrash Triumph kneel and bobber that was begging for a ride.

  • Deus have done it again…and with a bike so close to my very own heart! I have to question how they get these bikes registered in Australia though. That Bobbed fender certainly would be frowned upon by the men in blue.

    They also did a great Triumph Bobber using a Triumph T120 Bonnie which was stunning…

    In my opinion you can't beat Triumph Bobber for the ultimate in old School cool.

  • bb

    Excellent point about Deus bikes passing registration. I have a Deus w650, and in fact rode the bike pictured above during the shakedown phase (thanks Mikey) and it was an absolute buzz. However, when it came to registering mine, what a nightmare! And mine is pretty stock standard. However, a LHD headlight instead of a RHD headlight; exhaust noise about 20 db above the limit and no rear reflector led to failure at registration time. I was categorically assured that it would be able to registered and was even provided with a pink slip that allowed me to get a temp rego to ride it home! Thankfully, my own mechanic sourced a headlight; filled the mufflers with fluff and Deus, god bless them, provided a reflector. Then, it took me months to get the money all this cost me out of them. In the end, I had to write to the Big Boss who clearly realised that a pissed off punter wasn’t good for sales and sen me a cheque.

    I have to say, I’m not impressed with the mechanical quality of Deus bikes, no matter how good they look. My was sold to me – having been pretty much rebuilt – with worn sprockets which is outright dangerous, let alone sloppy work. So, several hundred of my dollars later, I have new chain and sprockets.

    I don’t understand why Deus let themselves down so badly. The concept is great – the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I like my bike, but I doubt the next one will be a Deus. For the poser who doesn’t ride more than 20km a week, a Deus would be fine. I go for long rides on mine – I want a fair dinkum motor bike. (I know – so why don’t I go and buy one!!)