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Cafe Racer Concept

Posted on July 26, 2009 by Scott in Café Racer, Other. 11 comments

Industrial designer Alp Germaner from South Africa is well known for his Peugeot Capsule. A one person, off-road, electric vehicle inspired by the KLR 650 motorcycle. Although it’s his latest concept that is really turning heads. In true cafe racer style it is a stripped down motorbike geared towards speed and style. The rear suspension looks cool but we would have loved to see a more classic cafe racer shape (especially the seat). Overall it’s a bold design but not sure whether it would be welcomed at the Ace Cafe or Ton Up Club. For more pictures of this bike visit Industrial Design Served.

  • Poppa Wheelie

    There is not one thing on this piece of shit that is pleasing to the the eye. It is not worthy of being called a motorcycle.

  • Scott

    It isnt the usual bike you’d find on pipeburn

  • Alp Germaner

    ”There is not one thing on this piece of shit that is pleasing to the the eye. It is not worthy of being called a motorcycle.”

    Greetings ,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    But next time, please do put your input as to how a motorcycle could be ”pleasing”, since it depends on individual opinions ? As in , why are there many different products in the market ? do you have to own a Toyota corolla ? does everyone have to ? , the correct answer is NO. Because we are different, out likes and dislikes also different.

    It is always a great individual manner, to , let people know how to do better, if you insist on disliking the product. It makes others think that you know something.

    So if you have a better idea, share it without showing us your Jerry Springer please.

    All the best

    kind regards,

    Alp Germaner

  • Sebastian K

    Can’t help but agree – There isn’t anything aesthetically pleasing to this bike.
    Some of that will come from actually being a biker and seeing the distinct omissions from this design – Namely, the centre of gravity would be far too high to be any kind of racer. Even cafe racers, which admittedly are a little poseur (I’m working on mine right now) are more about function over form, rather than eccentric late-90s fighter jet inspired design.
    Low seat, low handlebars, aiding one to tuck their body in to reduce drag.
    I can’t imagine what the deal with that engine is, but this design is more Penny Farthing than modern street racing classic.
    Perhaps this could be adapted more to a scooter design – the huge wheels, height and awkward proportions are reminiscent of scooters.

    However if this really has to be a cafe racer, chop the silver section off the tank, put the clipons where the headlight is, and drop the seat 25cm… it’ll be closer to the objective.

  • Scott

    yeah agree about the centre of gravity. everything on it needs to lowered.

  • Alp Germaner

    Thanks for the input guys. Great to see more ideas on it instead of just badmouthing. I agree it isnt the sexiest of all creations. And it was not designed for manufacture only a design study via picture references for proportions etc. It is purely done for fun no other objective. thanks for the input again, do that often so that discussions can lead to general knowledge about considerations while conceptualising.

    Actually please do these critics on all my concept work. Its good to hear.

    Kind regards,

    Alp Germaner

  • Caffeineandpixels

    Looks like something a first year industrial design student would turn in. It also looks like something designed by someone who has never rode a bike.

  • KIK


  • rob

    this needs to be kept in the concept stage

  • Higgs Boson

    I have no problem with it. Its an exploration of boundaries, which is how breakthroughs are made. Not always a smooth process and art is always to be taken subjectively so it is what it is. But there are some interesting design cues in there. Now… couldn't help but get a little skeeved at how closely the wheels resemble swastikas!! That one might need a little explaining!

  • SVA

    First – I know this is an old post, but I had to give my point of view:

    Well in my eyes it is a motorcycle concept, not a cafe racer concept. It's missing the key elements of a good cafe – simplicity and getting rid of everything that's not necessary. Also the position of the rider would be waaaay to high. right now where the seat is situated, it will look as if the person's riding a scooter bike, rather than a full size motorcycle. If this get's corrected we get an issue with the tank – there's a black piece with this edge right on the top, which will stab the rider in the chest, when he bends forward for a more aerodynamic stance. As Sebastian K said – lower seat, lower bars and overall a lower bike. Also try and make the angle of the fork in the front a little less. Right now it looks almost vertical and that's not good. You can still rework this design and keep the sharp edge of the new wave motorcycles, just make the bike look comfortable for a ride. And everyone else – I think his peugeot escape pod design is pretty rad, so don't bash him for having no skill. The dude just needs a steer in the right direction about motorcycles and Cafe racers in particular. Mr. Germaner, please check this entire blog – there are plenty of great cafe racers here which you can use for reference.