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Suzuki GS1000S

Posted on September 14, 2009 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic, Racer. 8 comments

This 1979 Suzuki GS1000S sat in a backyard in Washington USA for six years until Larry Pearson got his greasy hands on it. Larry is no stranger to motorbikes. He has been custom painting and restoring bikes for years (having 8 amazing bikes in his possession). About 14 months ago he started his dream of turning this GS into a tribute to Wes Cooley’s Superbike. It all started with a beautiful original Yoshimura racing pipe. The engine only had 17K miles on it, and ran like new. He did a complete front end rebuild, all new seals, bearings. Same for the swing arm, and the entire brake system with the addition of stainless lines. Continental “Cont-Blyz” tires, ’80 Suzuki rotors, “83 Honda CB1100F rear shocks and front fender. Tarozzi rear sets. He cut two inches off a 1980 GS seat foam bottom, and had it professionally upholstered. He wanted to build this bike for 30 years after seeing Wes Cooley, Eddy Lawson, and Freddie Spencer race Superbikes. Well, we think it was worth waiting for and we take our helmets off to you mate. Larry is about to embark on restoring and painting bikes for a living, so if you want him to build you a masterpiece contact us and we will give you his email. (We will post some more of Larry’s creations in the following weeks).

  • MikeMachine

    Where can i see more build pics of this GS. Looks amazing

  • Lou H.

    love the look on your bike. Im picking one up next week here in fla. how was the seat done? i want that look on my bike. Also the yoshimura emblem, where can i get one? thx Lou H.

  • Larry Pearson

    Thanks very much for the compliments. I appreciate it very much. I can always send some build pics if interested. Just email me.

    Lou, good luck on your own GS. My seat is a stock 1980 seat that came stepped the way it is from the factory. I removed about two inches off the bottom of the foam, and then took about an inch off the front to better fit the flow of the back of the tank. I used an electric carving knife. I then had it professionally upholstered for just under $200. The Yoshimura decals can be found on eBay.

  • Elijah Carino

    My dad just recently bought what i think is a 1979 GS 1000 S. i may be mistaken on the year. I was actually looking for an owners manual and found your bike. I LOVE IT! It is the exact look i wanted to go for with his bike. i dont mean exact look, but i definitly thought cafe racer when i pulled into his driveway. I’ve yet to start working on it, but any advice you may have about any problems you encountered or a way to do something easier, i would love to hear them. great job on the bike and i hope one day i can send you pictures of our finished bike.
    -Elijah Carino

  • Larry Pearson

    Thanks, Elijah. I’m really proud of this bike. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do to one of these rare beauties. The S’s just beg to have a little bit of custom work done to them w/o changing them so much it takes away from the original design. They only made them for two years, so I’m sure yours is either a ’79 or an ’80 model. The dash is a stand out feature of these bikes. If yours has one, chances are it’s a real S model, and not one that’s been converted. Exhaust was a little shorter and the ’80 had a stepped seat similar to the one I put on mine. The only advice I would have is to use restraint on it, and get it running and mechanically finished first, before anything else. Having a vision of the finished project will save you any problems in the future. Good luck, and I would very much enjoy seeing yours when it’s done. Thanks for the interest and the kind words.


  • Jonymacmadcap

    Great job on the GS. I too am picking up a 79, but an E model I think. I am looking at your bike for inspiration. Are the swing arms the same between the S and the E? Are the forks? One last question….in addition to maybe fireing off some more pictures of your bike to me, would you happen to have any directions or pictures of how the Cooley fairing mounts to the bike? I am getting one from an outside vendor as a replica fairing, and need to drill my own holes for mounting purposes. Any help here would be much appreciated…..also, How are the velocity stacks on that bike sans the airbox? Those carbs are CV carbs correct? Or were the 79's a direct lift rather than vacum?

  • Shooter

    Please help me figure out what fender is on this bike. Cant for the life of me find it anywhere?