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CB1000 Cafe Racer

Posted on September 24, 2009 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 5 comments

We were sent this CB1000 by one of our readers, Nik from Moscow. He built a lot of the bike himself. Nik hand made the clip-ons, tach cover and even the exhaust cans with titan pipes from Japan. It also has Brembo calipers, TSS shocks and a radial front master cylinder from a GSX-R1000. Unlike the popular CB550 and CB750 you don’t see many CB1000’s done cafe racer style. It actually makes a mean looking modern cafe racer and we take our helmets off to you Nik. [Unfortunately Nik crashed this bike 2 weeks after completing it. We hope it wasn’t too bad mate].

  • matt

    get well and ride the holy hell out of that thing.

  • Eloi

    Hi Maybe i'll buy an CB 1000 today, and that bike is rally really inspiring me to do something else with my new bike!
    Could Nik from Moscow contact me to ask some cuestions?


  • cuntnuts

    IDK what that is but its definitely not a cb1000. engine configuration is wrong, It has a chain(should have a shaft) and it only has one shift lever (cb1000 has two, due to its ten speed trans).

  • the donor bike looks to have been a ’93-’95 honda cb1k, that engine was also used the cbr1k’s from that era – liquid cooled, dohc, hydaulic clutch, 5 spd, 998 cc’s.this cb1k looks to have aftermarket bars, clocks, rims, shocks, tailpipe, seat, rear fairing, fork gaitors, radiator shroud, headlight visor and turn signals. in stock trim it made 98hp. it looks to lack the braided steel hydro lines tho, putting a set from galfer on it would be highly recommended.

  • bare88knuckles

    The pic is not showing. But I have a 94 cb 1000. And Im trying to find spoke rims for my motorcycle. I know i need a hub for my bike. But i dont know where to find any at. Any tips on where i can find some or maybe swap harley rims out for the mags i have. Any info will be very much be appreciated.