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1939 DKW Racer

Posted on October 22, 2009 by Scott in Classic, Racer. 3 comments

These pics were taken at the Audi Museum in Munich. It’s a stunning 1939 US 250 DKW. The German company DKW where once the largest manufacturers of motorcycles in the world. By 1928 they were building some 65,000 engine units annually, and DKW engines could be found powering some 60 German marques of the interwar period. They soon joined Audi, Wanderer and Horch to form Auto Union in the 1930s, merging again in the 1950s with Victoria and Express to form Zweirad-Union, which in turn was absorbed by Sachs in 1965. DKW motorcycles usually used two-stroke engines and were technically ahead of their time (like most German motoring companies). To view more amazing bikes from the BMW museum check out Stefan’s flickr page.

  • Ertan

    I wanna Audi to make cycles but it is difficult. İf VW makes it maybe more people can afford it :))

  • forestgreen

    The AUDI Museum is located in Ingolstadt, not in Munich. I’ve been to this Museum. Ingolstadt is located approx. 70 km north of Munich.

  • Ian @ Sydney Australia

    What an great example of engineering. I saw one of these machines race @ AMAROO park race circuit Sydney NSW Australia and it made it's attendance very clear, by the noise and performace. Good-on you DKW.

    Hope to visit the museum in 2011/ 2012.