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Australian Motorcycle Commerical

Posted on October 28, 2009 by Scott in Other. 18 comments

This beautifully shot commerical by director Lance Kelleher at Curious Films is causing a lot of debate on motorcycle forums Down Under. The main problem is riders think that this commercial makes us look like a bunch of idiots. Lots of us ride dangerously at times but should we all be made to look like reckless morons? We would love to know what you think. Do you think this ad would work in Europe or America? Would it change the way you ride? Or are they offending the target audience?  Please leave your comments below.

  • That’s a terrible depiction of motorcyclists. I agree that it implies that all riders are reckless hooligans. If this were shown in Canada, the average ignorant voter would be screaming for an outright ban on motorcycles in general.

    Riders in Australia should be rallying against any TV station that airs the commercial to have them stop broadcasting it.

  • Never will this work in America–we’d be crucified even more then what we are already!

  • The Ogre

    While the ad makes valid points – wear your gear, don’t ride like you’re immortal, understand rights-of-way – it does so in a way that is prejudicial and frightening. Granted, here in California I see lots of people riding with minimal gear, and these people could use to have some reality checks issued to them, portraying us as unthinking idiots is never, ever going to work.

  • Matt B.

    The only way it would work in America is if they made the point more clear that they are trying to get people to ride safer. It does knda make it look like motorcycle riders are all jackasses on the road. Drivers already think that due to the growing majority that are jackasses here in the U.S..

  • For bikers that ride reckless, they’ll keep riding reckless anyway. A tv commercial isn’t going to change their mind. As a daily rider, I ride safe every time I go out. If they made this commercial seem more like they’re on the rider’s side, it would help.

  • mocktar400

    Makes motorcycle riders look bad, reckless, and uncaring. Take it off the air.

  • lee

    ive been over the bars at 50 miles and hour with only leather gloves as a "safety" precaution. old lady, suv, pulled out in front of me with out looking. posted speed was 45 and it was dry and sunny. this commercial isnt going to change the way anyone, driver/rider pays attention. it takes more than just this to raise awareness. they should make a commercial that shows all the dead bodys from people talking on cell phones, texting, reading, fumbling with ipods or putting on make-up. the mascara brush stuck in the ole eye socket is my favorite one. people should simply get their heads out of their asses when driving. sure the odds arent in our favor as a rider, but driving has become to comfortable and people get to lazy and irresponsible, vehicles way too big. i know there are idiots out on the roads riding wheelies while standing up on the seats on the freeways at 100 miles an hour, but thats not everyone that rides. i ride hard but always maintain a safe distance following and on im not stupid around traffic/pedestrians. i could see this commercial in america, but just like the meth commercials, it would just be a huge waste of someones money…

  • Mark

    I have lived out of Australia for 7 years now and one thing i don’t miss is shock commercials. Wether or not it works at stopping dangerous riding becomes irrelevant when it causes more harm to motorcyclists by turning other motorists against them. I currently live in Vietnam where the daily death toll on the roads eclipses Australia’s yearly and nothing is done about it. People see real people lying dead on the road all the time and it’s rare that a week goes by when I don’t see a bad accident. Yet seeing death presented like that doesn’t stop people riding like fools. Combat ignorance with education and strive for a culture that shuns stupidity and tolerates freedom at the same time.

  • Mingh

    irrelevant and degrading. It gives people the impression that all those dead bikers simply got what they asked for, and that it’s no less than their own fault. If these guys wanted to make a point, they’ve totally missed it. Get back to square one you guys and start by taking an example from this advertisement :

  • Richard

    In Europe (Ireland & UK) all our adverts are about modifying behaviour as well. I would consider this advert in a similar vein by showing how the bike users are seen from their own perspective and others (the flowing view of the camera). Even though I am the (responsible) father of 3 small kids I could see my own behaviour in some of the users (not least as I was a Blackbird owner for 8 years). In the end it is all about risk identification and mitigation (i.e. spot the hazard and take action to avoid it). My criticism about these adverts is that the internal monologue you have with yourself when dealing with other road users on a day-to-day basis would make the other road users see that the brain behind the helmet and throttle are in-fact fully functioning humans and not some sub-cult with a death wish who have no ties to the real world.

  • hummbug

    I am relatively new to the road riding world but have had exposure to it throughout my life – my father has ridden his whole life and I rode dirt bikes for many years. I also work in advertising – TV production specifically. This commercial is effective in it’s message, I have no doubt about that. We are being told the major dangers that we face every day on the roads. We are also shown some of the ways we can reduce the risks of making contact with those dangers. And it’s all done in a visually interesting and compelling way. If it wasn’t effective this discussion wouldn’t be happening. The same discussion is going on over on the Campaign Brief website.

    Sure there are technical limitations to the commercial – the final overtaking move resulting in a crash is very unlikely for example. There are only 30 secs (sometimes 45 secs) to tell this story so we need to suspend our disbelief for a moment and take in the overall message rather than focus on the small glitches.

    There iis also the opportunity for riders to become offended at the portrayal of the wider biking communtiy as a bunch of hoons with little regard for the road rules. The fact is that these people exist – there are riders all over the place who don’t wear the correct gear, speed through traffic and race one another on public roads. These are the people who we should be dissapointed in – it is they who are giving a bad name to the biker community – not the TAC or Grey Advertising. I saw a bloke the other day riding a Ducati 999 with a singlet on (and a fanny pack!!) and this point was driven home.

    I seriously doubt that the majority of drivers out there see ALL bikers as a menace on the road but you can’t blame them for their attitude toward certain "types" of bikers. Even I am wary of the GSX-R riding, tracksuit and no gloves wearing hero, winding in and out of traffic to get nowhere to do nothing. These are the people who have hte majority of fatal accidents (I have no actual proof of this) and m,aintain the stereotype of bikers as hoons. You never remember the bike t that was riding sedatel, minding it’s own business but you DO remember the one that screamed past and overtook the semi-trailer on the left.

    Even I, riding a ’71 Honda, break the rules a little to get to work quicker than the cars. Lane-splitting and filtering is very hard to resist once you have had a taste of it.

    So my point is; The reason this commercial exists is because there is a minority of hoons who ruin it for eveyone else. The commercial and it’s creators are not out to paint motorcyclists with a "menace" brush, they are just trying to reduce deaths on the roads. Any anger should be directed at the hoons, not the people trying to help…

    And finally, here is another commercial which is directed at the speed demons:

    It’s very effective and wouls have been a damn site cheaper than the TAC commercial…

  • increase the peace

    I believe that releasing this commercial in the states would be devastating to motorcyclists. California is the only state currently that allows lane splitting and thankfully so. There are those of us who take it upon themselves to no longer be victims of our environment (TRAFFIC), namely, who ride responsibly and with courtesy. Those who split lanes realize the inherent danger of doing so and have taken the proper precautions to not wad themselves in the middle of the 405. Even when these precautions are taken (out of towners) will still try to fender check you off your bike, in response to those who do so.. simply, "If you dont want to deal with traffic, then get a motorcycle." This commercial in my opinion, depicts that lane splitting in and of itself, is the most dangerous and reckless activity that motorcyclists take part in. I for one can not deal with L.A. traffic anymore and for my one tool to circumvent it to be removed would just cause future overheating anyways…Long live air cooled machines.

  • Fox

    Rider from the UK here….I think Austrailia always shows some real backbone with the shock adverts I’ve seen, you lot are never afraid of offending and good on you for it.. You can look at this ad in two ways – one being that it puts motorcyclists in a bad light, the other is that if you ride like a twat then you won’t be doing it long. Personally it says more of the latter to me but as with all things the intended message is subjective to the individual that watches it. I think it’s a good ad.

  • Tara L.

    I think it is a great ad that does NOT make the rider look like an idiot. What it does illustrate very well is how much more aware a rider must be. Random and relatively mundane occurances, like a car door opening, can all of a sudden be dangerous. Great commercial. Wish the USA had it.

  • Rider X,Calgary

    Safe riding is an attitude, yours and everyone else's, I have seen the ad, I will continue to ride defensively, treat everyone like they are retarded and you won't go far wrong.

  • deandake

    Well, they painted a great picture of our fellow asses on two wheels. We call them squid over here in the states. Now let them produce something that shows the much higher multitude of asses on 4 wheels. Maybe show how cagers contribute to motorcycle accidents through their ignorance, stupidity, complete lack of attention, and malice towards bikers.

  • PRG01

    I’m a rider and I have had to respond to numerous vehicle collisions when I was a police officer in Victoria, Australia. A minimal number where “accidents”, meaning without cause or negligence. The vast majority, >95%, are the result of negligence. Ride smart, always wear the best gear you can afford on your head-hands-body-legs-feet, ride within the limits of the drivers around you. I ride, I think, I live.

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