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Mike Doohan sells safety

Posted on November 2, 2009 by Scott in Other. 7 comments

Just days after the launch of the Victorian motorcycle campaign the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia has embarked on a new approach to encourage motorcyclists to ride safely. The new campaign, created by Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, utilises Moto GP racing footage and demonstrates the real dangers riders face on the road due to roadside obstacles. As opposed to the previous campaign we featured the other day that has been upsetting many riders from around the world, we believe this one is money well spent. Not only does the footage make you stop and think, but using Mick Doohan is a stroke of genius. He’s an Australian legend and also a major role model to most of the target audience. Will this commercial change the speeding habits of riders and in turn save lives? We hope so, what do you think? Please comment below.

  • FS

    this ad is a much MUCH better one than the previous by TAC…i totally agree with the statement that this is money well spent. hopefully it will help change attitudes and habits of many riders. I live in sunny California…there are many different riders out here who think they’re invincinble.

  • excellent

  • jnheath

    Wow . . . . Wow again. Brillian psa, thanks for sharing. I just sent it to four friends with the comment that (at age 46) I don’t need or want a 150 horse sport bike and this is why. I took enough chances on a Bultaco Metralla and am looking for ways to slow down, not the opposite.

  • mocktar400

    Still, showing the dangers of riding, is negative. If safety is the goal, promote safety positively.

  • Bud

    mocktar – the point is that many riders feel the need to ride above a level that is prudent for the street. 7/10ths or less on the street as opposed to giving it all like one would do on the track. This is not being negative.

    Once riders understand that they not only don’t have to be the fastest on the street, but they should slow it down while on the street, riding becomes much more fun (and therefore positive).

  • Troy van Trienen

    this is a much more respectfull campaign then the government offering to deliver a very similar message.

  • Chris Rostron

    I took up road racing at the age of 44 to slow myself down on the road and it has worked!
    I putt around at the speed limit on a ZZR600 (Girls bike) and I love it.
    Oh and Im also the period 6 superbike state champion. I know Doohan and race at Phillip Island all the time as part of our season.
    I think the advert is great and hits the mark (so to speak).