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Halcyon Goggles

Posted on November 24, 2009 by Scott in Other. 7 comments

Halcyon Goggles were made famous by WWII fighter pilots in the 1940’s but it was the cafe racer culture that brought them back in the 1950’s and 60’s. There’s something really special and nostalgic about Halcyon Goggles. It may be that in this disposable world where everything is being manufactured in mass quantities in China it’s reassuring to know that Halcyon frames are still being made in Britian from brass, and plated in chrome. They are the quintessential classic goggle with over 70 years of history and adventure in every pair. You know that saying ‘It’s never been a better time to buy’, there seriously hasn’t been a better time to buy these goggles. With the British pound sterling taking a beating in this tough economic climate these goggles are now better value than ever. You can order them straight from Halcyon Classic Parts and they deliver worldwide. Also take comfort in the fact that these classics will never go out of style. [Photo by Ben Part from Part B]

  • I wear a pair of Halcyons while riding, and a face scarf in cold weather. You’re right, they never go out of style. Excellent photo above too.

  • I’ve got an open face lid on order and these are definately my next purchase…what’s the best place to pick up a pair?

  • You can buy these in Sydney from Motociclo, in St Peters ( saw them there when I dropped my bike in for some work.

  • Thank you for your kind words about our product, we are really proud of these goggles and the work we put into them, and I totally agree it is the best photo I have seen featuring our goggles!

  • Does anyone know what type of helmet that is?

  • Marcus

    Does anyone know what type of helmet that is? It’ a Davida Classic. Also check out the new Halcyon compact goggles at

  • Marcus

    It’s a Davida classic. Also check out the new Halcyon compact goggles at