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1965 Harley-Davidson CRTT

Posted on December 2, 2009 by Scott in Classic, Racer. 4 comments

Christmas has come early this year, thanks to a reviewer’s copy of the Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection landing on my desk. This coffee table book is the most comprehensive record of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles ever assembled (it also weighs about the same as a Fat Boy). With over 600 exquisite studio photographs by Randy Leffingwell and an interesting story of every Harley-Davidson made over the past 100 years, including the rare bicycles and snow mobiles they briefly manufactured. Fortunately the founders of Harley-Davidson had the foresight to keep examples of all their motorcycles. Although some of the collection were only acquired recently, like this immaculate 1965 CRTT Road Racer (pictured). The HD archives apparently purchased this rare motorcycle in 1998. With only 35 of these CR models built in their Italian factory for competition in 1965. The company sold them for $650 in 1966, and we are pretty sure HD would have paid a little bit more for this one 33 years later.

Overall this book is amazing and I hate sounding like a salesman, but it’s a must have for any Harley or motorcycle enthusiast. You can purchase the book in Australia at The Pitstop or through Amazon if you reside in America.

  • Roxanne

    WOW! My dad has a bike JUST LIKE that one! There were only 35 ever made? Cool

  • John Basore

    You've got a photo of an earlier CRTT, it is not a 1965 model for I had one as a youngster and currently own an original one today….

    Difference in a 1965 and the one you have pictured would be the seat and the fact that the '65 model did not have a rear fender, but it did have a front fender….

    If you wish to see a real one, stop by and see us…..

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    2724 Spring Garden Rd.
    Winston-Salem, NC 27106 USA
    Tel/Fax (336) 245-3594
    Established 1982

  • John F. Basore

    This is not a ’65 for it has the wrong seat on it….

  • John F. Basore, Sr.

    This is not the correct seat for a 1965 CRTT…..