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1960 Triumph Bobber

Posted on December 20, 2009 by Scott in Bobber. 5 comments

This Triumph picture has been haunting me for about a month now. For some reason I couldn’t remember where I found the pic and I couldn’t find any information on it anywhere on the net… until tonight. It’s name is Low Tide Larry and it is a 1960 Triumph TR6 650cc bobber built by Dan Patterson. Dan says “the motor is built from the sludge-trap up with custom “JOMO 15″ cams, and everything else is either new or uprated to better-than-original”. It has to be one of the cleanest bobbers I have seen, and the aqua blue paint job is just like eye candy. You can read about the whole Low Tide Larry build on this Jockey Journal thread. Hit this link to watch a vid of Larry being kick-started. [Thanks to Triumph Bobber Project]

  • felisk

    oh, it’s so lovely !

  • Dave Enfield

    My old ‘rattlesnake’ wasn’t as pretty as this , she had the duplex frame and slickshift . Had the tappet ‘rattle’ but the frame took care of the ‘snaking’ . Congratulations on a great build .

  • It is nice look bike front long wheel & back short wheel the color auqa blue enrich it beauty of bike . But some what like bike used in circus in giant wheel . I like this bike it is amazing bike .

  • Dan Patterson

    Hey, That’s a bike I built last summer! Thanks for featuring it on your site. Cheers, Dan.

  • Midhun

    Before dying i wanna to alter my Royal Enfield lyk this……