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Trident Cafe Racer

Posted on December 27, 2009 by Scott in Café Racer. 4 comments

First spotted this amazing Triumph Trident Cafe Racer on the Bikebolt picture site, then traced it back to wedding and motocross (unusual mix) photographer Chad DeRosa who has taken some killer pics of this super clean cafe racer. The pipes and tank are worthy of a modern art exhibition. Speaking of which, there is a thorough thread by the owner on the Jockey Journal with many detailed pics of the build, starting with those eye catching pipes. Although the best piece of ingenuity must be the rear tail cone, which was made out of a 1928 Model T Headlight bucket – Macgyver would be very proud. Built from the ground up by Carl Bjorklund, Mark Bjorkland and Young Pon, I have a feeling we are going to see a lot more from this beautiful bespoke motorcycle and it’s talented builders. Also check out the making of video here.

[Photo by Chad De Rosa]

  • FS

    Wow! that tank is nuts! i love it.


    Having a trident myself this is truly an inspiring bike to see what people are capable of building it to. I don’t think i’d make the same style choices throughout but it’s an amazing and very original piece of work

  • Denis35


    pour info

    15è RétroNoël à Cesson Sévigné près de Rennes, dimanche 16 décembre avec une expo de cafés racers:

    je me suis permis de reprendre votre photo, elle est magnifique !

    Denis –

  • PJ

    This is the ugliest bike I have ever seen. Ever. Everything is discordant. Nothing gels. That must have been what was intended.
    I haven`t see any of their other work.