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GS750 Cafe Racer

Posted on August 11th, by Scott in Café Racer, Rat. 8 comments

We all like it a bit rough and ready now and then. Sometimes I hate posting bikes that are too perfect. The soul of a cafe racer sometimes lives in the imperfections. Like a few scratches on the tank or a handmade seat that has a few random bolts. Like this awesome 1978 Suzuki GS750 I found on an old cafe racer thread (if you own it please let me know). There’s a great article on McNews about how the GS750 back in it’s day was the first Japanese superbike to get it right. The CB750 and Kawasaki Z900 both didn’t handle as well as the GS750 (I’m sure some of you will disagree). Anyway, as you can see it’s a great platform for a cafe racer. If you are looking to rip your arms off, check out this unique Nitrous Oxide running Dirt Drag GS750 for sale on Bikepoint.

  • pronoblem

    I think this bike resides in Western Massachusetts. At least there is a GS in my neighborhood that looks just like that. Next time I see this on the road I will stop him and point him here. Now that I look at it, I don’t recall seeing rivets on the tailpiece but I have only seen it at a distance. Either way, maybe I can get you a photo of a similar machine.

  • M.Flynt

    That’s my bike. Thanks!
    Seems we have similar design philosophies. I also like bikes/cars/etc a little worn-in. Patina is fine, so long as it’s not faked.
    -M.Flynt in San Diego

  • M.S. in Australia

    Nice design, I have a GS550, question what type of gas tank is that?

  • Tommy D

    Looks like the tank is from a 1981 GS400 or GS450…am I right?

  • Bobb

    I love that seat. Im going to try making one just like it myself.

  • Martin

    It´s realy cool bike. How did you build it, just chopped the tail and lowerd the nose?

  • Scanni

    What tank is this?

  • Kinnar

    Whats the specs for this one…specially the tire size