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Gravel Crew Virago

Posted on September 12, 2009 by Scott in Bobber, Brat. 6 comments

Originally found this Yamaha XV250 on the marvelous Mulligans Machine. Of course it’s from Gravel Crew in Japan who have such a distinctive style. I still can’t believe it’s a Virago. I see so many of these bikes around the streets but I have never seen one customized (unless you think adding saddle bags and tassels counts). The xv250 is actually a really cheap alternative to the more popular project bikes like the SR400’s. Although I’m not sure they have the same range of custom parts readily available.

  • ben

    holy crap, thats amazing. ive never seen a 250 virago like that before

  • GT1991

    congratulations. i LOOOVE the 69`mustang in the background and i also love riding my stock 89`virago 250cc…… but this one is just THE ONE!!! the one and only queen of rockn roll^^ japanese choppers always will rock it all

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  • King Harris

    wow this bike looks great. i owned a virago 250cc but this one looks lighter in weight. hope to see more of this kind in the market. Thumbs up for this great ideas. The mustang as background… hope to see compact mustang too.

  • Jogama

    Their bikes are amazing, and i would like to see more pictures and specifications of these bikes especially the beatiful Yamaha Virago 250. I wonder if they sell frames. Really like their bikes.

  • wow awesome virago! im bobbering up my 250 too..
    great little scoots!