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McQueen in Taiwan

Posted on September 8, 2009 by Scott in Classic, Racer. 4 comments

This is a rare photo of Steve McQueen in Taiwan (even though some say Japan) on the set of ‘The Sand Pebbles‘. This was the only movie he received an Academy Award nomination (but didn’t win). Apparently he had this Suzuki T20 (not a tr500 as first thought) with racing fairing shipped in so he could travel around Taiwan when not filming. I have also read lots of stories that McQueen raced Army officers from bar to bar with the loser having to buy the next round of drinks. Needless to say that McQueen didn’t have to buy many rounds. Check out more pics of ‘The king of cool’ on this beautiful bike.

  • RD350

    I think that might be a 250 … the T20 Super Six (X6 Hustler) with a race fairing.

    I have some other pictures of that bike I believe … I will forward when I find them.

    I could be wrong .. but it looks narrow to be a 500.


  • RD350
  • check out the book "Mcqueens Machines" i belive it states that this bike is a 250 with racing fairing, though with a more streetable set up.

  • Scott

    Yep, it is definitely a T20, I have amended story. cheers.