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Ridley Vintage Motorbikes

Posted on January 1, 2010 by Scott in Moped. 3 comments

Ridley Motorcycles are some of the best vintage looking motorized bicycles on the market. There are five different models, each based on different time periods ranging from 1903 through to the 1940’s. They are offered with either a 49 or 70cc engine, and also feature pedals for those that want to keep it green and create zero-emission. The standard 70cc engine has a pretty impressive top speed of 34mph, which is fast enough to keep up with most traffic in rush hour. The gas tanks are beautifully incorporated into the frame which can either be ordered in steel or aluminum. My favourite is this OD green ‘MP’ which is styled on a vintage military police motorbike. To view the rest of their first-class range visit the Ridley gallery.

  • Stlheadake

    WOW! That is a GREAT looking new OLD bike! I think I’d like to have one of these! They remind me of the old Schwinn delivery bike my dad rode back in the day!

  • themark

    The bike frames are made by FELT, but Ridley adds the fuel carrying ability. The engines are made in China but may be better equipped than most kits because Ridley offers a warranty. Ridley also makes the great frame mounts, but if you look closely you can still see the odd Chinese mounts still affixed to the engine. You can probably build something similar or better if you’re mechanically inclined. Just check ebay for kits. And if you look closely at that image, you’ll see it’s a photoshop job. There’s no fuel cap, or petcock or fuel lines or wiring or brakes.

  • Ljupa

    They look decent, but are seriously overpriced. For few hundred $ or Euros one can get a moped (I think about the real MOtorcycles with PEDals) that can perform and look much better then this.