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Monkee #16 Kawasaki Z 750 B

Posted on January 11, 2010 by Scott in Brat. 8 comments

It’s not the first time these clever custom creators from Copenhagen have built a Kawasaki Z 750 B and it probably won’t be their last. They used the Z 750 B on Monkee #13 and Monkee #15, although we loved them both we think this is the best to date. This Kawasaki has the their signature style written all over it. With custom Wrench Monkee (WM) seat, rear frame, aluminium battery box, rear fender, rear and front light, clip-ons and footpegs. They have completely rebuilt the original engine and added the classic Monkee Megatron Muffler. Like most of their bikes they have used the vintage Firestone Champion Deluxe tires and understated heat resistant paint scheme. To see more snapshots of this old school Z 750 and read the full list of specs check out the Monkee gallery.

  • Beero

    Hi mates, just noticing that the redirect links are mistaken(have to remove "" infront of the links

    And not to be a spam – I think the Monkees’ bikes are the best! Period! ( my favorite is monkee #08)

  • T

    yes. nothing like afifteen thousand dollar bike with a five hundred dollar motor and transmission. whatever. i know dudes in the states building bikes like this for a fraction of what it costs to belong to the wrenchmonkey fad.

  • Scott

    Thanks Beero. It seems to be working now.

  • matt

    LOVE THE SITE AND THE MONKEY’S WORK BUT THE LINK IS 404 ALL THE WAY. Oops caps lock I suck, anyways, i agree 14k is a chunk of change for a bike i can buy for less than a grand and make to look like that for a few thou. Rather put the mopney elsewhere, but I am sure thier target demographic is not about to pick up a wrench unless their mechanic drop one accidently, & even then..

  • Larry Pearson

    I was beginning to feel like the guy in "The Emperor’s Clothes" until reading a couple of the responses. I see the asking prices for these bikes, and I’m astounded that people are paying that for them. I like the look, they’re cool bikes, but a bike like that can be put together for about 3 grand, tops. I know, I’ve done lots of them. If they can build ’em, ask the price, and get it..good on them. I’m just gonna have to start raising my rates, I guess..

  • Scott

    I know, they are expensive Larry. Plus everything in Europe is alot more expensive than the US.

  • Sy

    Have any of you ridden on, or know anyone who has ridden on those Firestone Champion Deluxe tires? Just curious as they look incredible but are pretty fat.

  • Frank

    Hi guys

    As a dane I can tell you that bikes are horrificly expensive in Denmark. Add one of the highest cost of living/wages in the world and the high WM prices are starting to make sense. I actually ran in to one of the monkees at a party and had a good talk. Their business is pure love and lifestyle – they sure don't get rich doing this kinda work.