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Deus Sacred Cow

Posted on January 13, 2010 by Scott in Bobber. 4 comments

This is the latest creation out of the Deus ‘temple of enthusiasm’ – the name they call their Sydney headquarters. Deus love their W650’s and we really love what they do to them. This 720cc bobber has been named the ‘Sacred Cow’, we are not exactly sure why but it could be because it’s beefy, tasty and stands out from the herd. It has left Australian shores and is headed to Brooklyn to meet it’s new owner Billy Joel. Billy has always been fond of the W650 and wanted this one to be a little different – with a parallel twin engine, T120 brake, twin pea shooter pipes, rigid rear kit and even a truck horn. We particularly love the rear end and brake light but not sure about the unfinished looking paint job on the tank. There are loads more stunning pictures at the Deus Sacred Cow Gallery.

  • Deus is quickly becoming one of my favorite shops – their attention to detail is great and the fact they manage to build bobbers, trackers, and cafes that all look cool is impressive in and of itself!

  • Caffeineandpixels

    The New York buyer of this bike was Billy Joel.

  • Billy Joel

    Gentlemen –
    The name of my bike comes from a combination of the custom builder -Deus [‘Sacred’], and the motorcycle company – Kawasaki [‘Cow’].
    Ergo – ‘Sacred Cow’. Duh.
    Also, it’s not an ‘unfinished paint job on the gas tank’. It was never painted at all, period. It’s good old raw metal with a clear coat. No, It’s not for everybody, but that’s why I wanted it to look like that. It’s for me.
    Thanks for the blurb on the bike.I love your site.
    Billy Joel

  • Mark Butt

    I love the bike BJ, the raw metal looks awesome. I want this bike! love your work BJ