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Norton Watch

Posted on January 22, 2010 by Scott in Other. 4 comments

Legendary British motorcycle brand Norton has teamed up with British watch brand, Bremont, to produce limited edition chronograph watches to mark the return of the classic brand. You better get in quick because only 200 Bremont Norton watches will be hand crafted at the Bremont workshop in Switzerland. These watches won’t be cheap, at the special price of £3,850 ($6200) you could place a large deposit down on a real Norton motorcycle. But for the serious (or seriously cashed-up) Norton enthusiast these watches will be hard to resist. Bremont will also be the Official Timing Partner for the British ‘Goodwood Festival of Speed’ again in 2010. Check out this video to see last years event. [Hat tip to BikeEXIF]

  • powermatic

    "…for the serious Norton enthusiast…"

    I’ll assume irony is at play here, and that this phrase is code for ‘overly-monied motorcycle poseur’. Not that I’m begrudging anyone who can afford a limited-edition, circa 30k air-cooled 80bhp bike, but when 6000.00 branded watches are a necessary part of the look-at-me bling, I’m left to wonder at how "serious" said enthusiast really is. Makes me wonder if Kenny Dreer, in retrospect, wonders if merchandise branding a la HD’s business model was the right road to profitability, as opposed to those free bikes given to Dave Edwards for all that Cycle World pub.

    At any rate, there are many guys out there who’ve bought a 70s UJM, some used parts off the ‘bay, and put together an ac retro, with modern suspension and brakes, for one hell of a lot less than 30k. It’s just me, but I’m thinking those are the ‘serious enthusiasts’-even if their watch is labeled ‘Timex’.

  • Scott

    I agree completely powermatic. My sarcasm was a little too subtle. It should have read "for the seriously cashed up Norton enthusiast"

  • Ben

    Completely pointless and irrelevant to Norton history, unless it drips oil on your wrist.

  • reddywatt

    Instead of bling too bad they don’t build a "Commando" more reminiscent of the orignals instead of the Japanese "superbike" clones they have now!