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SR500 Street Tracker

Posted on January 27, 2010 by Scott in Tracker. 4 comments

This ‘designer’ SR500 street tracker was built by Steve Hillary at the Red Max Speed Shop for the opening party of London fashion store Present. Red Max are based in Hampshire, U.K, and are involved in the fast growing Shorttrack racing scene in Europe. They may have a passion for trackers, but they also build some nice cafe racers and bobbers. Redmax made the custom parts, fabrication, SR tank and the seat was custom made by Bratstyle. The eye-catching paint job is by the talented guys at Death Spray Customs, although the design is by Japanese fashion designer (based in London) Eley Kishimoto and is appropriately named “flash” print. If you think the design looks familiar it’s probably because it featured recently on a range of Ruby Ateliar helmets. But it doesn’t stop there, you can even buy matching shoesskateboard and backpack to go with your helmet. Hit the link to see the Red Max SR500 Flickr page. [Found on Sideburn Blog]

  • powermatic

    Neither of these are my favorite examples of the street tracker look-exposed battery, I’m not excited about the paint, and the headlight-on-the-number-plate looks tacked on (don’t understand the number plate at all considering this is neither a race bike nor a race bike clone, but at any rate I’ve seen much cleaner plate/light integrations). Also, I wish the lower bend of the exhaust matched the frame radius more exactly. Of the two, I’m more curious about the black one-is the tank missing, or is it a very small tank integrated into the top tube? Couldn’t find any detail photos or descriptions to answer that question. With perhaps an aluminum tank I could easily see myself ripping around town on that sweet black beauty. Still and all, another man’s vision, and I appreciate that-a lot-and respect the amount of work involved. No doubt others like them more than I.

  • AJ


  • Jefferson

    I am bored to tears with SR400/500 variants.

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