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1975 CB750 For Sale

Posted on February 13, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 16 comments

This legendary cafe racer built by Steve ‘Carpy’ Carpenter of Ton-Up fame is for sale on ebay at the moment. This iconic CB750 is being sold as “the worlds most famous cafe racer”, having been featured in over 16 motorcycle magazines and countless websites around the world. Just some of the features listed include “fiberglass tailpiece, borrani style H rim front wheel, race gas tank, individual air filters, 4 into 1 exhaust, chrome swingarm, remote resevoir shocks, lucas style tail light, clubman handlebars, drilled brakes for weight reduction and rearsets for better ground clearance“. We will be watching the auction closely to see how much this rockabilly cafe racer goes for. The bike is being sold on behalf of OldBikeBarn and has a “buy it now” price of $26k. That figure might be a little ambitious, but you never know when Billy Joel or Jay Leno are looking for another motorcycle for their collection.


    I guess its so famous because it’s so incredibly fugly. Must make the readers of those 16 mags feel much better about their honda NTV’s and all.
    Wouldn’t wanna be seen dead near it.

  • eek

    drilled brakes for weight reduction? Individual air filters? rearsets for better ground clearance?

    Gee wiz, a triton has got nothing on this thing! Know how it’s a cafe racer? It says cafe on it….

    -10 points, and the price? Must be old bike barn, but for total proof they must sell it then suddenly realize they don’t have it in stock and take 3 months to get it to you…

  • It’s Me

    $26k for a cb750? is this some kind of joke? i think they must have hit the "0" key one too many times? i think for me this just did to the cafe bikes what occ and jesse james did to choppers.

  • Scott

    26k is the ‘buy it now’ price which is normally set at a dream price. I think the reserve price would be around 14k, which is still a hefty sum for a cb750.

  • Patrick

    To be honest, I think it looks tacky. The Gothic ”Cafe” is silly, bears no visual relationship to the ”59”, and neither have anything to do with the side panel decals which are tastelessly thrown on there and clash with each other.

    A triupmh of tack over style over substance.

  • the "buy it now" price has been reduced 5k to 21k now with only 4 hours before the end of the auction.

  • It’s Me

    $14k is ridiculous

  • Scott

    Well, it looks like no one was willing to pay over 11k

  • powermatic

    This is a well known bike, so they’re obviously trying to get a premium for its fame. I like the bike as a package, and I’m a sucker for a John Player Special gold-and-black livery, but agree that the graphics need to be toned down-way down- starting with the ‘Cafe’ moniker on tank and number plate.

    Saying that, I see cafe’d UJMs on amateur sites that go way beyond this one in terms of performance and clever details-which is saying nothing against Steve Carpenter who is by all accounts a good guy, and very involved in building and supplying parts for this style bike.

  • The auction has finished and the highest bid was $11,211. Red faces all round, I think!

  • switchum

    Old bike barn was selling it? No wonder it was so expensive. The company’s stuff is 10-20 % more than other places and their service suck balls. I don’t understand how they stay in business. I think the bike itself is clean and neatly put together. I don’t think I would like all those decals on it but that is just my opinion. I wish people pay good money for cool custom bikes with a motor other than S&S V-twin. I am tired of looking at OCC type of bikes going for tons of money.

  • honda man

    this is a nice bike and if you dont think so you have no taste

  • Oliver Seibert

    cliche as fuck

  • joshua lutz

    Just saw an identical bike at the Brooklyn 10th annual vintage motorcycle show (Aug 25 2013). I remeber thinking. “Cliche and tacky. Like being in a band and always wering your bands t-shirt. Lame. The rub is that if you’re into cafe’s, this is super lame. If you don’t know what they are, you’re like, why does it say coffee? Lame either way. I could see it in a museum in 400 years when they are trying to exhibit cafe’s as a part of history but not during a fad.

  • Javier

    I totally agree with Patrick, the Gothic “Cafe” is counterintuitive. Besides “Cafe” is an implicit term, not something to be advertised. It’s like a Gold Rolex Submariner with the inscription “Rich guy”.