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Norton 880 monoshock

Posted on February 15, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 6 comments

Many years ago Paul Zuniga from Born Again Bikes had a dream. The dream was to own one of the stunning new Norton monoshock bikes Kenny Dreer was planning to build. Unfortunately Kenny and his partners came up about $10 million short to actually produce the bikes but that didn’t stop Paul from making his dream happen. Paul had been working on British bikes for decades so he decided to build his own monoshock Norton 880 Cafe Racer. He got a lot of parts from Kenny, bought some others on ebay and haggled for the rest. He did come across some modern front forks from a Ninja 636 which he couldn’t resist and decided to merge them with the Norton chassis. Paul also eventually talked Kenny into selling the swingarm, seat, tank, side covers and tuck-in headers from the original prototype bike. The bike looks amazing and we are glad Paul realized his dream of owning a custom Norton Mono. To read the full story about the project and lots more pics visit Born Again Bikes. [Spotted on Kneeslider]

  • Steven Miner

    It’s a Frankenstein! The Japanese front end? What is the point of this thing? The dual discs exceed the engine performance by many factors. Moving on NEXT.

  • Drooler

    Who cares about an over braking capacity, as long as it’s "too good" and not under braked. Some times economics dictates these things. I like the inverted front end and I WANT THIS BIKE!

  • Steve: The "point" of this "thing" is – different strokes for different folks! NEXT

    Drooler: I am building it’s virtual twin, but with polished alloy tank, my own design swingarm, and TL1000 front end; I’ll be firing it up this week. It will be done soon, and for sale. Complete build story with photos at:

    Sarah: I didn’t write the esay, but the facts are all correct. The owner of this website condensed my build story and edited it as you see above. The original build story, with photos, is at:


  • Steven Miner

    GreanPaul all you need is a better frame and a stronger engine and you have a solid Frankenstein. Otherwise, it’s neither an important collectible Brit bike and it’s not a proper Brit bike and it’s not even CUSTOM enough. Look at the CB750 or rhe CB1000 here now that is KUSTOM as in KREATIVE. Your bike is 2 parts Kenny Dreer and zero parts imagination. NEXT!

  • GrandPaul

    Okay, Steve, let’s see YOUR custom bike build. Not your favorite one you found on the internet, I mean THE ONE YOU BUILT. Anybody can TALK, only some can BUILD.

    2 parts ANYTHING beats zero parts NOTHING.

  • I agree!