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The CP Project – Triton

Posted on February 20, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 2 comments

Could this Triton be one of the coolest motorcycles ever made? It’s not just a motorcycle, it truly is a work of art. We originally spotted this sleek black beast on BikeEXIF just before Christmas and haven’t stopped thinking about it. Created by French designers Frank Charriaut and Vincent Prat from Southsiders MC, they had been planning to build a unique bike for years but it wasn’t until they met a Frenchman by the name of Daniel Delfour at the 2008 Legend Of The Motorcycle event in California that they new they had found the perfect builder for the job. This is how they described the project: “As English motorcycle fans, we choose to use a Norton featherbed frame and a Triumph 750 Bonneville engine,” says Vincent. “But we didn’t want to make the thousandth café racer or Triton; we decided to follow our own road. We started designing a mix of Batman’s motorcycle with a T.Rex fastback and Cat Woman’s curves. Inspiration came directly from the culture of comics.” They sure succeeded, it looks like it could have been built by Bruce Wayne for the streets of Gotham City. To read the full story and to see more pics of this amazing Triton check the article on the Southsiders MC Blog. You can also view this Karl Lagerfield short film that features the bike. [Photo by Benoit Guerry from Studio Ze]

  • powermatic

    It’s no doubt a great looking bike, and I can even overlook the impracticality of the wide front tire for the ‘stance’ it gives, despite the compromised handling, but the lack of a front brake just pisses me off. As far as I’m concerned, that relegates it to an artsy gallery installation, and not a real motorcycle-as if riding a bike isn’t dangerous enough, you’ve now got no braking power, and the possibility of high siding at any speed. That crap is generally left to idiot ‘chopper’ show-bike builders, and in this context it’s just disappointing.

  • Agreed. While the bike is certainly stunning in the studio, it would be nice to actually RIDE it in the real world.

    Only other complaint is the fork uppers sticking so far out of the triples, but I remember reading the builders wanted it that way…just not my style.