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Imperial Cycles

Posted on March 6, 2010 by Scott in Moped. 12 comments

Custom motorized bicycle companies seem to be popping up everywhere, but no one is building fresher looking bikes than the guys at Imperial Cycles. Created by Eric Soriano and Jerome they describe their company as “constantly pushing envelopes, opening new doors, and boldly going there. Inspired by the 1920’s board track racers our bike designs incorporate a fresh look using new bike technologies, and innovations”. The bike pictured is their popular ‘Bullet’ and comes with a Vintage Schwinn frame, bare metal tank, aluminum mags, Brooks Saddle, Quill Stem, Oury grips, shortened bars and a dropped springer to give it a lower, more aggressive stance. The ‘Bullet’ sells for a very reasonable price of $1200 and it looks like they ship these bikes worldwide. If you are interested in seeing more from Imperial, check out their Blog which showcases the other models they are building.

  • AJ

    Beautiful. Who would have thought those 80s rims would look so good with such a retro tank, seat, and frame. Want.

  • Troy

    Waa Waa Wee Waah! I Like

  • powermatic

    Actually, those aren’t ’80’s’ wheels, they are inexpensive Chinese cast aluminum, available on the ebay-maybe you’re thinking of early Aerospoke. Can’t say about quality, or how well they work compared to spoked in this application, but they are definitely heavier, and of course can’t be trued if they are tweaked-or arrive tweaked. They do look cool in this app though, and as long as you go with the biggest tires possible they’re probably safe enough. I guarantee you wouldn’t want them if you were pedaling!

    One of the best looking motorized bikes I’ve seen-really like the springer fork, and tank, and that little two stroke doesn’t dominate the frame like the four stroke motors. Brooks Saddles must be seeing a resurgence in their Classic leather saddle sales- only luddites now use them on their bicycles, but I’m seeing a lot of them on these motorized jobs. Wish they’d welded a bracket on the wheel stay for that chain roller, though, instead of that clamp-on job. Just to clean it up a little. Oh yeah, and no front brake-don’t get me started. This should be running discs front and rear.

  • Steve


    You guys should check out Derringer Cycles more expensive but much cleaner execution and Honda 4 stroke power.

  • Troy

    where on ebay can i find these rims?

  • powermatic
  • That pictured bike is TIGHT!!

    A buddy of mine, local to Norfolk, Virginia, is making similar, quality motorized bikes.

    Ghent Cruisers:

    Check him out.

  • Really dig the wheels! Good stuff there.

    John, a buddy of mine has a bike from Ghent Cruisers as well. Small world.

  • Scott

    Yeah, I know Ghent Cruisers. I wrote and article on Lucien on BikeEXIF last year…

  • Thanks pipeburn, we appreciate it.

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  • John

    Someone tell me what the point is? There are bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, tanks, helicopters. … I'm finding it hard to find the point in a $1200 toy for some lazy ass who can't pedal? I don't mean to come off like a prick, but seriously? A website and everything
    "A company where we envision, design & create art within
    the bicycle industry. We are constantly pushing envelopes,
    opening new doors, and boldly going there. Inspired
    by the 1920’s board track racers our bike designs
    incorporate a fresh look using new bike technologies,
    and innovations."

    Seriously? Open a book store to revolt against all the kindles out there. For the record, brooks aren't run by just 'luddites', they're run by people who like to be comfortable on their bikes, and there isn't such a thing as 'early aerospokes', that guy is probably referring to plastic mags from early BMX that look similar to these.

  • rob

    " very reasonable price of $1200 "…..showing my age, 40 years ago i bought a new vw beetle for 18 hundred bucks