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Think Biker Commercial

Posted on March 12, 2010 by Scott in Video. 10 comments

We have posted quite a lot of motorcycle safety commercials recently, including one from Australia, one from Norway and now here’s a pretty good one from Britain. The Department of Transport has launched this new ad created by London agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO as part of its THINK! campaign. This ad was inspired by research stating that drivers who personally know a motorcyclist are much more careful and aware while driving – so by using these huge Vegas style neon signs they make you feel like you know these riders. It made me think what my sign would say, maybe something like “extremely handsome, witty and suffers from a delusional disorder”. But seriously, would love to get your feedback on the commercial and whether you think it will be effective. Also check out the making of video if you are curious about how they did it. [Found on Rippin Kitten]

  • I like that. Also helps humanize motorcyclists as normal decent people, 99% of riders are not in One Percenter criminal motorcycle gangs.

  • MikeMachine

    I agree with Brendan. It does make you feel good about riders.

  • Switchum

    Where can I git the neon signs like that? I want one.

  • davidson

    I’d just keep my loud pipes. They work better than this. Loud pipes keep saving lives.

  • powermatic

    Yes, the ‘loud pipes’ are the key, and are particularly effective when in large packs traveling at a traffic-blocking 53 mph, their usual element. Also-helmets break your neck when you crash, and rather than wearing seat belts, it’s better to be ‘thrown clear’. Bonus-chicken pox vaccine causes autism.

    As for the public service ad, it seems very well done-clever visuals, friendly tone, and ‘bikers are your neighbors’ should hit home. Would be great to see something like this in the States. Nice post.

  • AJ

    Beautiful idea, done beautifully. The english are so good at advertising…

  • matt

    man I want a sign like that, ofcourse here in Florida they would most likely find a way to fine for someting lik thise, multiple times if possible (dont forgetthe permit fees) but yes this i believe is an effective ad. Really drives home the message that we are not objects to push out of the way for a lane change for that spur of the moment starbucks. Kudos to whom ever is responsible for this ad!

  • Lincoln

    I love the ad. Does put a human element to what a lot of tin-top drivers would otherwise perceive as ‘faceless’ (from tinted visors or otherwise) motorcycle riders. I think my sign would have neon flames out the back coupled with some sparkles to give my VTR the illusion its faster than it actually is. 😀

  • heavy-duty

    Check out this 1960’s British Public Information Film about motorcycle safety. It’s classic.

  • it does attach a person to the motorcycle, but we don’t ride with flashing lights all over us. It should also emphasize to the car driver to look 2x, over the shoulder, etc. without the aid of flashing lights