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Carpy Wrenching

Posted on March 16, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 13 comments

It’s not everyday you get to witness a master at work – like Steve “Carpy” Carpenter from the amazing CB750 Cafe doing a bit of ‘wrenching’. Ok, so this might not be the way Carpy usually takes to a cafe racer but it makes an awesome photograph. Shot by talented Los Angeles photographer Jared Schoenemann who is obsessed with two things in life; photography and cafe racers. So when the opportunity arises to combine both his passions, he never looks back. Jared has shot Carpy and his metal masterpieces numerous times, including the CB750 pictured below called the “Road Warrior’. Carpy dedicated this CB to the “brave men and women of HS-6”, who died last year in a tragic helicopter training accident. The ‘Speedy Indian’ graphic on the side cover is a tribute to the aircraft referred to as the “Indian 617”. To read about the whole ‘Road Warrior’ build with many detailed build pics and specs (which Carpy is famous for) hit this link. To view more cafe racers photographed by Jared check out his fresh gallery.

  • FS

    Looks damn good!

  • Steve

    I don’t get it, really. Every one of his bikes is exactly the same. Seriosuly, how exactly is he a master? He can bolt on aftermarket parts and drill holes in lots of things…yipee!

  • Miguel

    His bikes do look very similar, but he does manufacture most of the parts he uses. He rebuilds the engines and carbs. I would agree that his bikes don’t really have much variation, however you can’t disrespect the fact that he is doing what he loves and does it well. I wish I could say the same for myself, but I can’t.

  • The above bike has a great stance and excellent proportions (individual parts and the sum of the parts). Cool deal.

  • Chris

    Lame. Look at the "Rockers" sign in the corner. Completely "made for TV" viewing. Do you see any grease anywhere? No. Geh.

  • QuarterWit

    I’m not a fan of this guys bikes either. All posturing, tattoos and image rather than actual substance. His builds seem like a characature of a cafe racer, covered in gaudy shit. Not a fan.

  • al

    i like the first picture. Carpy, finally deciding he has built a heap of gawdy shite, decides to pummel the bike back to bare metal

  • Pamberjack

    Ditto. I find his stuff overdone and very "one dimensional". He needs to think more about what a custom bike DOESN’T need, rather than the "more is better" approach he so obviously uses now…

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  • Fattonyiscool

    Agree with all the negative comments and positive… However, quite simply for a cafe racer you strip… not shine.

  • This bikes look not impressive . You can modified this bikes, after modification it's look amazing. Try some new experiment for this bikes.

  • Retromotorcycles

    He does nothing, i know Ken that builds/designs and welds everything.I use to know his guy that machines everything.You guys have no idea,he doesn’t even have correct tools to buoild a bike.
    But he is a great at driving is van around picking up paint work,swingarms,parts for these so called builds.I met the guy (navy helicopter pliot)  it took 18 mths to build and he got charged $17,000+change