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Vanson Triton Jacket

Posted on April 20, 2010 by Scott in Other, Review. 8 comments

Vanson have been around for donkey’s years (over 30 years) and hold the distinction of being the largest motorcycle leather manufacturer in the United States. This outstanding Vanson ‘Triton’ Jacket is obviously named after the British classic Cafe Racer that combines the engine of a Triumph and the featherbed frame of a Norton to create the ulimate motorcycle. But the jacket also has a Scottish influence, with the Scott’s claiming to have invented waxed cotton canvas and also Royal Stewart tartan which forms the lining of this first-class jacket. Here’s what Vanson say about their jacket “From the first second that you put this jacket on, you’ll feel the quality of its components and manufacturing. The heavyweight waxwear fabric has a solid heft and a great waxy drape. The snaps and zippers are substantial and work smoothly. Vanson is respected worldwide for the strength of their jackets and this one is no exception. You’ll appreciate it more year after year as it ages and gains more character”. To see more pics or to buy one of these old school jackets visit the Epaulet Shop. [A note to Vanson if you happen to read this, please redesign your website].

  • A beautiful jacket, and yes—the Vanson website absolutely blows! Obviously not a priority for them. Yet.

  • switchum

    Their website looks like one that sells cheap junk parts and still rip off customers.

  • another request to Vanson:

    Develop a triton-period, leather pant. There doesn’t seem to be any stylish, protective pant on the market. Plenty of rickie-racer or pirate-cruiser styles available.

  • It needs pockets for armor if it’s to be a MC jacket and not just a fasion piece.

  • Spats MacGee

    That’s just a ripoff of the classic Barbour jacket, worn famously by Steve McQueen during his dirt track races.

  • L-7

    It’s not a ripoff and it doesn’t need armor pockets. Barbour and Belstaff both made similar jackets for eons, and if the quality of this one is comparable then Vanson has done US motorcyclists a favor by bringing it to the market. Motorcyclists do not require "armor" beyond a decent helmet. Gloves and shoes that won’t fly off in an accident are good ideas. Hit a guardrail with your shoulder and a plastic cup won’t save you. Wear it if it makes you feel safer. The guy who wants to win the safety contest will get a car, or stay home.

    Waxed cotton is practical and comfortable and traditional. It’s not as waterproof as synthetics, but resists wind damage at speed and is more comfortable because less "crinkly." The big disadvantage is it will dirty any clean object you rub against, like your friend’s girlfriend’s white sofa. A good reason to meet him at the bar instead, and if the girlfriend won’t come with well then we know where that relationship is headed.

  • D.

    That seems like a lot of money for a pretty ordinary looking jacket that isn’t more than shower proof and doesn’t have any armour.

  • Armor is good. I’ve ridden home from an accident that would have done a number on my rt. elbow without it.
    All the common-sense arguments that apply to helmet wearing really do apply to armor for other parts of the body, L-7 Dude.
    If it was your head that hit the same guardrail the helmet wouldn’t neccessarily save you either.,,even if you DIDN’T break trour neck
    Get real.