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Wrenchmonkees Club Black

Posted on April 21, 2010 by Scott in Brat. 8 comments

What do you do if you are opening a new ‘uber cool’ nightclub in Denmark and you need some decorations? Well, you call the Wrenchmonkees and get them to build three custom motorcycles for you. Unfortunately these bikes will never see the white lines on the streets, but they may witness some white lines of another kind. This is what the Monkees said “We got an order for display and decoration bikes, to a nightclub in Herning, Denmark, name of this place, CLUB BLACK! They are not meant to be riden, and all we did are pure cosmetics and made them look good and black, so we have no clue to how these bikes would be like to drive, but we could guess!”. It’s a real shame they will never be ridden (even if they worked), although knowing these ‘sexy’ nightclubs we’re sure they will see some action.

  • MikeMachine

    What a waste, should have spent the money on some cages.

  • L-7

    Ugh. Nails in the coffin of cafe racing. 100% posturing substituted for real bikes and real riders. Motorcycles reduced to fashion accessories, *literally*. Suck it up like good consumers, guys. That Chanel puff-bike Triton I saw celebrated on every website, with no brake and oversize tires, being the proof. Everybody knows these bikes would ride like crap, but riding is no longer the point of motorcycling now is it?

    Look, the guys who built the first Tritons, etc. sought performance. What increasingly we see now is not merely style at the expense of substance. We’re seeing the utter rejection of substance: it no longer matters whether a bike works, or whether anybody rides it. The image is not just an acceptable substitute for the real thing, it’s actually *better* than a rideable bike.

  • switchum

    Why make those bikes functional if they won’t be ridden at all? I would gut them out inside for the parts. I can use those. I would even use faux tanks and stuff. That would make them lighter thus easy install for display. They are nicely finished bikes though… Yeah I don’t think I would enjoy riding those bikes from the looks of it. I am not too into bikes that focus on looks. Reminds me of guys who spends a lot of times in front of mirror.

  • Pamberjack

    Amazing work – as always. Oh to be rich enough to import one of these…

  • Deogratias

    Have to agree with Switchum and L-7. I love Wrenchmonkees’ other stuff, but to me this is just kind of lame. Form should always follow function, which is why I think certain machines which are designed for a sole purpose are the most beautiful (the Spitfire, or the Manx Norton). This is the complete opposite – money wasted appealing to the "hip" who have just latched onto motorbikes as this season’s cool thing.
    Just like choppers and streetfighters, it looks like the cafe racer philosophy is being diluted and lost by posturing and trying too hard to be cool.
    Posers are always good for a laugh though.

  • pushrodmofo

    C’mon people – these were designed for a club! Bikes as art is nothing new – hell, rewatch Easy Rider or a dozen other movies if you want to see bikes where style takes priority over function. They were asked to make some cool looking bikes (and get paid I’m sure!) for a static display not for some hipster to park in his loft window. Even if they did, so what? I think the styling is typical WrenchMonkees cool. Lighten up folks.

  • It’s Me

    +1 this adds a nail to the coffin of motorcycling. Whats next, guys riding custom choppers to work wearing suits? oh, wait a minute.

  • w

    What pathetic comments. For shits sake they are just a display. I bet you'd enjoy seeing them if you had to go to this nightclub for a corporate event.
    Take your dick out of your mouth and lighten the hell up you guys sound veeeeeeery precious like old woman or something.