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Deus Bali Dog

Posted on May 17, 2010 by Scott in Scrambler. 4 comments


Indonesians are truly amazing at using whatever resources they have to create ‘silk purses out of a sow’s ear’. You see, due to the heavy import tax in Indonesia bikes like TW200’s, W650’s and SR400’s are not available, so they have to think outside the square when building classic looking motorcycles. This time the donor bike is the uninspiring 2009 Yamaha 225 Scorpio. When I first laid eyes on this little hill climber I immediately thought it was a TW200 but was pleasantly surprised when they told me it was a Yamaha Scorpio. “The ‘Bali Dog’ is a distant cousin of Deus Australia’s ‘Drover’s Dog‘ – all dick and ribs just like the barking mutt trotting around the temples at night” Deus tells us. Felix the head of the Deus Bali workshop designed and built this bike with the help of his team. Everything is either custom made here or imported from Japan. For a small bike the spec list is large; including a Harley Davidson Headlight, Daytona 36cm rear shock, customized W650 Chrome back Fender, Nitro Head Studded seat and Chrome Scrambler bars just to mention a few. The end result is the perfect custom to transport you down to the local surf reefs while turning a few ‘wax heads’ on the way.

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