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Suzuki S40 Café Racer

Posted on May 21, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 8 comments


As far as donor bikes go, the humble Suzuki S40 Savage probably isn’t on top of many peoples list. Casey Stevenson had trouble finding a suitable bike for his Café Racer project but eventually stumbled upon the S40 and decided to turn this ‘ugly duckling’ into a very sexy swan. “I was in the market for a new motorcycle and wanted a lightweight thumper to get around the streets of L.A. I quickly discovered the lack of available options, so I started working on a new design. I was imagining a motorcycle with a Japanese engine and classic cafe styling, but more sleek and modern than the single cylinder customs based on old bikes that are popular at the moment. I discovered my ultimate thumper café racer hidden inside a bike known as the Suzuki S40 (aka the Savage). They have been around for over 20 years and are still available brand new. The custom parts and accessories were designed to avoid any major modifications to the frame or engine, which allows anyone with basic tools to build their own bike from kit components. The end result is a machine that is simple, fun, and efficient.” We take our helmets off to Casey who has done a fab job building a slick café racer from this unpopular model which most people would overlook for the more popular XS650 or SR400. It turned out so well Casey is now going to do a small production run of these bikes out of his shop in Los Angeles, as well as offer the custom parts as a kit. If you are interested, you can view more pics and prices on his website Ryca Motors.


  • klem

    This is beautiful. Way better than mine cafe savage! Good work!

  • Barnfull

    There was a guy in Alabama a many years ago putting these engines in Featherbed frames and building very passable Manx clones. They were about $15K. Beautiful alloy tanks and seats. I think he was ahead of his time on the neo-cafe scene and went out of business. They were called Snortons. I’ll see if I can find a pic.

  • Matt

    Dammit, I was going to do something like this. Well, great minds think alike.

  • wow, just wow… this is what dreams are made of. hats off to the builder.

  • Harish

    I’m building a similar looking motorcycle using a standard royal enfield t’bird frame & engine; sans the tail and flatbed seats. ditto !

  • Gordon

    Hey Folks, I'm looking for info on how to get more grunt from my S40 (LS650) motor. All sugestions welcomed. Cheers, Gordon

  • Thomas Norheim

    Put on a better exhaust system, bigger airfilter and rejet the bike. Might give you a bit more grunt.. 🙂

  • Pete

    rake it in wheelbase too long, lower suspension, put some decent tyres on it done!