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Yamaha XS650 Café Racer

Posted on May 22, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer, Racer. 5 comments


We love receiving emails from Ted at because he knows we get excited by Yamaha café racers. Frank Derris the owner and builder of this immaculate bike writes: “The concept was to blend old with new hence the crossover Yamaha racing paint scheme with the ton up stripe. I wanted the bike to handle and run as good as it could on tube tires and it does. I wanted to be able to look through the bike and see nothing but hard parts (no wiring, bolts or unsightly junk) 3 years of part time work. You judge the finished product.” The parts come from a variety of bikes but they all work seemlessly together, the forks are from a 87 FZR 600, rear swing arm from a 1988 Radian, front rotor 87 FZR1000 and front caliper from a 98 Suzuki Bandit 600. The 2 gallon steel tank, seat and fairing have been painted in a fresh Corvette velocity yellow with classic black racing stripes. The impressive exhaust is a custom built 1¾ shell pipes with tuned port and exhaust port optimizers. You can read the complete spec list and view some more pics on XS650 Chopper.

  • Jonathan


  • MikeMachine

    Beautiful. it sold on Craigslist for $6000 recently

  • bob hardpack

    This thing is an overpriced piece of junk in my opinion. It has not sold on CL for $6k, as he is still floggin it on Ebay and CL constantly.

    The issue is he took the rotted tank and cut the bottom out to turn it into a skin. He then took a TINY 2 gallon tank from a MOPED and strapped it onto the frame, added padding, then plonked the skin back on top.

    Buy a tank from Evan Wilcox and make this thing halfway decent….

  • Cafe Latte

    Nice job, great lines!

  • Ash Williams

    ohh men! what a beuty bike, men the only bike over this world that I give anything to have is Harley Davison V-Rod night edition, if you can take a lot of this machine, I watch it the first time in a store, by the way I found that store because I been looking for my normal Generic Viagra doses, after this I start my own saving money to buy it.