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Honda CB360 Café Racer

Posted on June 10, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 79 comments


This beautiful 1975 Honda CB360 was purchased by Canadian Peter Cabral for next to nothing about a year ago. Of course, you usually get what you pay for, and Peter got a vintage bike in vintage condition. It wasn’t running, the wiring was all damaged, it had a rusty tank and seized brakes. Although Peter has owned numerous bikes in the past, this is his first vintage custom project. Here’s what Peter told us about the build:

“First I stripped all the unwanted items off the bike and started moulding a seat/tail from pink styrofoam. Happy with the look I covered it with foil and laid down the fibreglass, after the seat was hard I put it aside and started striping the bike down to the frame. I wire wheeled the frame to the metal and shaved off any unwanted tabs, wiped the frame down and sprayed with black epoxy paint. Next started on the engine, took apart the top end cleaning and checking parts, painting the engine body high heat black and lightly polishing others. Reassembled with new gaskets and also rebuilt the brake calliper, master cylinder, carbs, front shocks new cables and hoses. Wire wheeled the rims, painted them satin black to match other parts on the bike and installed the tubes and tires. Then I custom mounted the speedo low on the trees, added a sparkplug socket for a kicker, the exhaust 2-1 reverse cone was found on ebay, it was from a CB350 but a little heat and now it fits. I also mounted the stock rear fender to the swing arm, built a 2-1 intake and after most of the mechanical was complete I started on the bodywork, bondo, sand, bondo, sand etc. I had a local paint supply shop mix a metallic orange, then in my one car garage I sprayed the tank and seat.”

Peter has loads more great shots of this stunning CB360 Lucky 7even café racer on his Flickr page, from the beginning of the build right through to the completed project. Peter would like to thank all the members on Do The Ton that helped and inspired him – I’m guessing he’s in the running for bike of the month.


  • DCseca

    Beautiful bike! What is the "X" tape on the headlight for? I’ve seen it before and I’m curious if there is/was a reason cafe racers did that.

  • rev.dub

    The finished bike looks amazing!! All of your work really shows. Serously mean bike.

  • Ecosse

    nice turn out for an under appreciated bike. i like the "hugger" fender and other details.

    the tape, by the way, is a precautionary move when racing road going machines with lights. if a light breaks in a crash it’s intended to keep debris off the track.

  • Peter

    Thanks guys!
    Super happy with the way she turned out.

  • MikeMachine

    I’m in love.

  • Peter

    lol. She’s spoken for.

  • Pamberjack

    Superb – nice work. Just about the perfect balance of everything!

    One thing tho – I rekon the front disk could do with drilling…


  • mingh

    nice bike good finish, but it’s yet another cb turned caff hack. One more and i go catatonic.

  • switchum

    I love it. CB360T was my first bike and got a lot memory about the model. Tried to find one that runs, but all I found got seized engine in it. Must be common on the model….
    The pipes are blued -running lean? Needs bigger jets?
    I agree with Pumberjack on disk. I think that would tighten up the look even more.
    Good work.

  • Peter

    Thanks guys!
    The drilled rotor would be a nice touch,
    and I do have a spare.
    After a few plug chops the mix is good,
    but there is alway room for ajustment.
    I picked up the 2-1 pipe used, to bad the
    blue was already there.
    Thanks again!

  • Larry

    What did you make the 2 to 1 intake from? Some kind of plastic pieces from a car, or?

  • Peter

    I used fernco rubber plumbing elbows from my local Home depot.


  • Almost_VIntage_GS

    DTT Represent! As I said on the forum the, finished product is peach, Nice job!

  • Andreas

    I’m working on the exact same bike! Your 360 T is by far the best one I’ve seen. Like your air intake solutions. Where did you get the filter?

  • Peter

    Thanks glad you like it!
    The filter is a K&N RC-0920

  • MM

    Nice Job!!! what kind of tires are those? Im having trouble decideing if I should use a modern or a retro tire on my build? Is there a big performance loss using a retro tire for example the firestone’s etc.

  • Ryan

    I love it, I’m looking into doing this to my 74 CB360. I do not intend on doing the work myself however. How much do you think I’d expect to pay to replicate this build from a good running bike already?

  • Peter

    Their a brand named Duro very low
    cost tires but there handling very well.
    I sure there are better tires out there but for
    the cost can’t go wrong.

  • Peter

    Thanks Ryan,
    Hard to say as I built this bike in my garage.
    No parts went out.
    The labor is what’s going to bring the cost way
    up. It’s was alot of taking apart cleaning or repainting
    and putting it all back together.
    Parts a inexpensive. If time permits I would
    say try and do as much as you can yourself.
    Here’s a great site that helped me out.
    Do the
    Good luck with the build.

  • Everett

    Great bike and i like what you’ve done. i have one that didn’t take much to get running again. i got lucky as it had 7000+/- miles on it, i got it from the original owner. i want to do some modification and like the air filter, where did you get it? i don’t like the one that came stock and want to change it.

  • Doug

    The bike looks great, I love the seat / tail you made. I would be interested in buying one if your could make a replica of the one on your bike. I would just want the fiberglass mould unpainted. If it is something you are willing to do let me know. Thanks,

  • Peter

    Thanks Everett,
    The filters are K&N RC-0920 and I made
    the tubes from plumbing parts.
    Doug, I could come very closes to replicating
    the seat, is it for a cb360?

  • Dustin

    What size Carb is that? Do you have a build thread?

  • Gary

    Are you running points, or electronic ignition? I can't find the electronic kit for my CL360 project. Any ideas?

  • Peter

    HI Dustin,
    They are the stock CV type Keihin, Build thread

  • Peter

    Hi Gary, I'm running points, these guy make a kit for the cl350, they might be able to help you out.

  • drew

    WOW! GREAT looking bike!

    May I ask what fuel tank you used? Thankyou sir and congrats on the looker!

  • Peter

    Thanks Drew!
    The fuel tank is the stock cb360 tank.

  • Jason

    Awesome bike~! Where is the battery on it? How did you modify the electrical? I have found that the electrical on the 360's are the biggest headache. Did you scrap the old harness? or just modify it?
    Also, I have polished my engine piece by piece. Noticed some parts have a film over them. others are striaght steel. Any tips on getting a good clean polished look? It looks like the trans. casing came out great! what was your secret?

  • Peter

    Thanks Jason!
    The battery is under the hump of the seat, along with
    all other electrical components, rectifier, fuses, and a relay.
    It's the stock wiring harness, I just went over the wires and any
    brittle wire I replaced or increased the length to reach the hump.
    As for the polished parts, I sprayed heavy duty paint stripper
    to remove the clear coat, then used a buffing wheel on a drill and
    a polishing compound. I wasn't really looking for chrome like polish,
    more of a clean metal look.
    Do you have a build thread? If not is a great site
    with a ton of info. Really helped me out.
    Good luck!

  • KC

    The tape is an old school way of tempering the glass, it basically holds it all together in case of impact, thus preventing glass shattering all over the track.

    Beautiful bike.

  • Peter

    Thanks KC!

  • Barry

    What are the specs/size of your rear tire? Looks a little beefy…I like it. I'm glad you stayed with the original paint scheme on the tank…I do the same thing on my restorations too. Guess it makes me feel a little better about hacking away on an old bike! LOL! But, at least they are not sitting around rusting away anymore! Thumbs up!

    -'75 CB200t
    -'74 CB360t

  • Peter

    Good point Barry! to many old bike just sitting around.
    The tire size is stock 3.50 wide.

  • Chad

    Absolutely great work. I am doing a similar project, but maintaining a passenger seat. I Love the exhaust on your bike Peter, do you happen to know what brand it is? There are few out there but the ones I have found are not quite so good looking. Any direction is greatly appreciated.

  • Peter

    Thanks very much!
    Sorry Chad, I've looked over the pipe a few times
    with no luck. Their is no branding on the pipe at all.
    I've contacted the eBay seller, he has no idea as came
    on a parts bike. The pipe was originaly on a cb350, I had to add
    heat and bend out the header a bit to make it fit.

  • Chad

    Did you chrome things like your fork legs and engine cases? I noticed they are pretty shiney. I know the CB's I have had experience with, come with a lame silver paint on the engine. Also did you relocate your electrical system (battery, rectifier…) under the seat cowling? I am searching hard for an exhaust system like yours. I saw it and fell in love. I hope you take it as a compliment and don't take offense to my lack of creativity but I am hoping to use a few of your ideas for my own when I get home this winter.

  • Chad

    I just saw the post where you actually already answered those questions. Please disregard.

  • Sachin

    great build mate, its a looker , i had a question about the handle bars ? are they stock ? did you just flip them ? it looks super

  • Peter

    Thanks very much! No not the stock bars, their call
    clubman bars, I picked them up on eBay, drilled them to run the wiring and
    painted them black.

  • Dan

    Great looking bike. Couple of quick questions:

    You mention that the back tire is 3.5 – I am looking at Duro rear tire that is 18 – 4.0. Do you think I will have any clearance/width issues? And, did you mount both new tires on the stock Honda wheels and use stock size tubes?
    Where did you get the exhaust – are there others avail?
    what brand paint did you use on the wheels and where did you get it.

    Thanks for your help – and again – great looking bike.

  • SpottheDogg

    Beautiful bike, I just bought a 1973 and picking it up tomorrow. I was wondering if you had any clearance issues with those handlebars/tank.

    • robbv

      oh, this answered my question about the seat. will you please reach out to me? my email is thanks peter! robb

  • Peter

    Thanks very much! No problems at all.

  • Kyle

    Inspirational! Just did the handlebars on my 360T but ran the wiring outside as I was afraid that the weld joint on the handlebar would block the wire run and I'd be left with some unusable holes. Any issues getting the wires past the welds? Also, would be very interested in commissioning another seat from you as well, if your interested/able to reproduce it.

  • Peter

    Thanks Kyle!
    It wasn't to bad, just tie a string then tape up the end of the wire to a point. Feed the string first, then use a push and pull to get it through.
    As for the seat, I don't have a mold of the original, but have built a second
    nearly identical for customer, I could built
    one more if your interested, but not till spring.
    I'll send you an email.

  • Peter

    Sorry Dan missed your post, when I picked up the bike I had a 4.0 rear tire
    it was close, but I didn't see any rubbing. Yep stock rims, and I uses tubes to match tire size. The exhaust came from a cb350, I picked it up off eBay. Sorry but their is no branding on the pipe, I have no idea who built it.
    As for the paint it's vht epoxy satin black, most automotive part stores carry the vht brand, take a look at their web site, they explain all their types of paints.
    If you have any other question free free to email me.
    Thanks Peter

  • Nick -UK

    Wow that's great.
    I have a 360 I am a newcomer to refurbs just looking for parts I desperately need a front brake calliper solution any suggestions.


  • SpottheDogg

    Watch ebay for a caliper, they are hard to find. Usually need to be rebuilt but that is easy enough.

  • Peter

    Great suggestion spot! I found alot of the parts I needed on
    eBay. If not theirs always rebuilding.

  • SpottheDogg

    I am assuming he doesn't have a caliper, sorry I shouldn't do that. If it's seized go buy a 10×1.25 grease zerk, it's not the right thread pitch so only snug it up lightly with your wrench. Then pump grease into it with a grease gun and that will push that piston right out. Clean everything really good, check for pitting or scratches and replace the seal. Reassemble with a little DOT 3 on the mating surfaces and bleed. You may want to rebuild the master cylinder too.

  • SpottheDogg

    My build is almost done Pete! Timing troubles now.

  • Eric

    Hey Peter Great bike! I just bought a 75 honda 360t cafe racer. It's beautiful, but needs a few finishing touches. Any ideas where I can get your brake light/ license plate holder? Also, any additional resources for parts would be most appreciated. Thanks!

  • Peter

    Hi Eric
    Thanks, as for the plate bracket, I built it from flat metal cut the shape and
    bend. Best place I found for parts would be eBay and best resource for info
    Good luck with your build.

  • Watch ebay for a caliper, they are hard to find. Usually need to be rebuilt but that is easy enough.I agree
    replica wyler

  • ModifiedArmy

    I really love the seat, much more than anything I'm finding online right now.
    I was going to attempt to make a similar one myself, but figured I might as well ask how much you would charge to replicate yours.
    (if you are still willing to do so)
    I'd be interested in it without any foam or upholstery.

    Let me know what you think, and how I can contact you if you're interested.


  • matt

    I'm having trouble with the front turn signals any information you could give me would be great!

  • Peter

    Here's my email address

  • jeffrey

    Hey Pete,
    Where do u buy your clip on's from?

  • Josh

    Bike looks super clean. How did you lower the speedometer and light on the front?

  • I'm having trouble with the front turn signals any information you could give me would be great!
    Akku Dell Inspiron 9200

  • Cafepete

    Jeffrey picked up the clip on on eBay. 33mm.
    Josh shoot me an email and I'll explain with photos.
    Same on the turn signals.


  • Casemany0

    where did you get the front rotor? i’ve been looking everywhere and can not find one

  • Clarkcody21

    Hi mind telling me what tires and size front and back you have on it?


    • Pnpcab

      Rotor is stock drilled. Front is a 3.00-18 rear is a 3.50-18

  • AndrewR

    Hey Peter how does it ride with that K&N filter and custom hookup?? any flat spots or anything? what size jets you use to rejet it with the filter?

    • Pnpcab

      No really flat spots, just the common hiccup around 4500. I’d have to look into my
      notes on the jet sizing.

  • Hunter

    im doing a cb360 cafe racer right now, and was wondering if anyone had sites i could go to for cl360 pipes?

  • Robbv

    Hey Pete! I LOVE your seat on this! I just bought a 1972 cb350 and want to put that seat on it! Did you make it yourself? Most seats i am finding don’t have the tail part of the seat high enough for me, but yours is just right! I would love to talk with you about it!, my name is robb:)

    • Peter

      Sorry Robb I haven’t checked this post for some time. Feel free to email me at

  • Matthew

    I want to put the same style handlebars on my bike. I know I need 7/8" but are there other numbers I need to be aware of when shopping? I see so many versions of these and the prices vary greatly. I would really appreciate any guidance I can get. Thanks!

  • Matthew

    I want to put the same style handlebars on my bike. I know I need 7/8" but are there other numbers I need to be aware of when shopping? I see so many versions of these and the prices vary greatly. I would really appreciate any guidance I can get. Thanks!

  • Potsy1

    I also have a 1975 Cb360 identical to yours and I have it stripped down and about ready to put back together. Can you tell me what length shocks you used? I measure the OEM at 12.5″ eye to eye but it seems everyone says to use 13″-13.5″??

    • Peter

      In the photos their the stock shocks. 12.5″ I did replace them with 13.5″ gave me a bit more clearance.

      • George

        Hey Peter love the bike, I just bought a 360 myself, can I get an e-mail from you for a couple follow up questions? Thanks!

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