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Kawasaki KZ200 – Ulah Adigung

Posted on July 2, 2010 by Scott in Brat. 12 comments


We love receiving bikes from all over the world but it’s even better when there’s a great story attached to them. Gilberto Manoch is a young Indonesian who was inspired to build a bike dedicated to his Dads amazing win in the 1963 Indonesian Grand prix race at Curug Airport. Tommy Manoch ended up winning the race in 250cc/350cc class as the youngest racer. Before the race Tommy wrote “Ulah Adigung” on the tank of his Honda CB250. Ulah Adigung means ‘Don’t be arrogant’ in Indonesian and was a reminder to himself and other racers. It’s also the name Gilberto has given to his 1982 Kawasaki KZ200 project. Just like his Father, Gilberto has motorcycles running in his blood and started a small custom shop in Jakarta called Mototrigger. You can check out more pics of this understated KZ200 on his Indonesian blog Paper Trigger.


  • Ecosse

    nice story and both are sweet motorcycles. i’d love to own both machines.

    but… (and feel free to call me a jerk) how is building a "brat style" kawa single a dedication to his dad’s win on a race prepped honda twin?

    hey, i’m going to buy a new volkswagen in dedication to the ’65 chevy my parents had.

  • Pringle

    Maybe his father built bikes and/or built that race bike, so he’s continuing the tradition hence the "dedicated"??

  • MikeMachine

    he should have painted Ulah Adigung on the tank of his KZ

  • papertrigger

    Thanks for the comments guys..
    Actually i also wanted to built with the same motorbike, but its hard to find 250CC Honda Twin’s bike and the engine parts, and also the papers in Indonesia. So, i use the Kawasaki KZ200 which is easier to find the engine parts anyway.
    And why i built the "Brat Style", because i’m not yet find the perfect bike to make the "Cafe Racer".
    And yes, i was building my first bike only for a ‘dedication’ to my Dad.
    By the way, i already painted "Ulah Adigung" on the frame. You can check my blog as you can see the link above.
    So have a great day everyone..
    Thanks a bunch..

  • Peter

    Great looking bike!
    Good job.

  • danie

    Nice bike!!! it was a nice race, but i think its not honda cb 250 but its honda cb 72 or 77.
    It’s also called honda dream.

  • papertrigger

    thanx guys, im glad if u like Ulah Adigung..
    yes Danie it is, is Honda Dream =)

  • Yos

    Cool bike!

  • wow…. it's great bro..indonesian builder with his sweet story of motorcycle dedication. I'm proud of you bro…



  • Arnold

    TOP GAN!

  • selamat berjuang!