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1978 Suzuki Rat Bobber

Posted on July 14, 2010 by Scott in Bobber, Rat. 9 comments


This Suzuki Rat Bobber was built by Seattle based Greg Simanson who has a love of all custom motorcycles. When Greg decided to build a bike he wanted to create something a little different. “I turned the 1978 Suzuki GS750 into a hardtail” said Greg. “Shortened the front end, added new handlebars, controls, headlight, new exhaust and powder coated the wheels black”. If you are wondering what the Japanese writing on the side of the tank means, it’s actually an old Japanese license plate that Greg modified and added for decoration. You can view more shots of this rough and ready rat bobber on Gregs blog Shadowlight Customs.

  • GS_450

    Love it, awesome subtle touches and that tank plate is perfect.

  • themark

    It’s all working for me except that shiny exhaust and those modern tires. Put some vintage tread on their and a black header and I’m sold

  • Peter

    Very cool! love the stance

  • sushinav

    A sprungseat, hardtail ,rattlecanned ratbike made with parts from old metal shelving? Nothing new there. Websites dedicated to ratbikes have better. Too bad this is what this guy wants to use as a showpiece. Not up to Pipeburn standards of uniqueness and quality.

  • Chris Simpson

    Well i think this bike is stunning and well upto PIPEBURN standard, its not a cafe but its a great project very well done! love it…

  • sven

    sushinav why don't you post your bike so we can comment on it? oh, what's that? you've never built a bike?

  • clive

    i dig the bike. not sure bout that spring seat hangin over the rear tire like that though.

  • Cb bobber guy

    What did you use to make the rear end into a hard tail? Please get back to me by using email at thanks.
    I'm also looking for a gas tank for a cb350 four, if any info please let me know about that too.

  • bobber boy

    How safe is that hard tail I love it but looks dangerous, what did you use to make.