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Confederate P120 Fighter – Black Flag

Posted on July 17, 2010 by Scott in Bobber. 19 comments

Confederate Motorcycles have released these stunning new photographs of their P120 Black Flag Limited Edition. These photos are likely to spread across the internet faster than the bike itself. The Black Flag is built using all-black carbon and aircraft-grade aluminum monocoque backbone chassis. Some other features include carbon ceramic brakes, carbon wheels, fully adjustable suspension and a hand-built close-ratio five-speed gearbox. It’s powered by the same 160hp V-twin engine from the original P120 Fighter. Only 13 will be made and their is only 9 available for purchase – so hurry if you want one. But be warned, you may need to remortgage your house because the price is expected to be close to six figures. Check out the full spec list on the Confederate site.

  • That is one beautiful work of art. I would love to ride one someday and see how it is.

  • Twostoked

    That thing looks amazing! Agree, would love to ride it.

  • Pingu

    Yuck! Technically it may be a work of art but aesthetically that thing looks horrible. The riding position also looks horrendous. Its essentially a big flashy futuristic Harley made from billet pieces.

  • FS

    I’ll have to agree with Pingu. I believe that this piece of art is best staying as a piece of art. its home should just be a showroom.

  • DM

    That is the ugliest bunch of nuts and bolts I have ever seen.

  • Pamberjack

    Flippin’ hard core.

    Would have liked a little more to be made of the headlights, though. A bike without a decent headlight treatment is like a face without eyes…

  • Todesroboter

    fucking buttugly! nuff said …

  • Justfacts

    My guess is twostoked is one of those guys who has the Harley bar and shield tattooed somewhere on his body. Where is your sense of originality man? This bike is radically different from a Harley. In my experience people who are threatened by something because they can’t beat it or jealous of something because they can’t afford it make completely unfounded comments.

  • Tony

    I bet Justfacts is the kind of person who you could sell a turd to for $50,000 and he would happily buy it because it costs a lot of money so it obviously must be good….

    "Where is your sense of originality man?"
    Using that logic any bike that looked different would be a stunner……

    Money has got nothing to do with it. Its all about style and design…as an example the Ford Mustang that everyone lusts after these days was launched as a budget car……..

    It was a big hit because it had style and bags full of it…and those stunning looks.

    That confederate P120 is a mish mash of top quality billet parts, latest materials and performance parts.


    its looks horrible and its got no Soul.

    I think you are on the wrong website. You need to be on the Orange County Choppers website, that’s more your style

  • baddad

    This is one of the most radical custom bikes. Beautiful:)

  • Anton

    Comments on this page are relative to personal opinions about aesthetics and/or function. The very fact that it elicited an emotional response (though negative in many of you) is almost proof in itself that this motorcycle can be claimed as art. Confederate motorcycles always have that love/hate response and rather than say, "hey that’s a piece of shit," I’ll shy away from such "claims" and simply say, "that’s different."

  • lloydy

    Oh dear ,money and ego before ,well anything.
    Ugly ,tastless,shallow vapid crap for tastless crap collectors.
    There is a never ending stream of people with more money than they know what to do with who will hover up this visually retarded shite.
    I’m none to keen on it if i’m honest.

  • Trav

    Is the gas tank actaully tiny as shit, or is that whole frame tube full of gas as well? A bike with a tiny gas tank is silly. period.

  • coker

    The backbone is one half of the tank, the other is on the bottom. Holds a little over 3 gallons.

  • sixMidgets

    This bike is all that is man.
    If, while fighting a Grizzly bear with my bare hands, it just so happens to bite off my nuts… I would replace them with this bike.
    Then I would attach a flame-thrower to the handlebars… and a broadsword to my back.
    I would then proceed down the freeway until lift-off, fly to Afghanistan, burn through hordes of Taliban fighters, rescue a hot imprisoned British Spy chick from Osama bin Laden’s cave, lop off Osama’s head, and mount his bloody grape directly above those sexy headlights…
    …all while saving the children from a stampede of goats.
    I would bask in my glory until my death and ascend with my bike to Valhalla.
    There, I’d spend the rest of my days drinking mead with General George Patton, King Leonidas, and William Wallace until the Final Battle with Richard Simmons and his army of Boy Bands where the P120 would sacrifice itself by turning itself into a pansy-seeking missile, destroying our enemies, and saving the Universe.

  • Scott

    sixMidgets, that is one of the funniest comments we have had. Gold.

  • KIK


  • Alejandro

    Having owned several motorcycles, (currently 2: a rigid shovel, and a Buell S1); and having had the luck to ride one, I can tell you the P120 is such a kickass ride that you may want to sell your children to buy one. And to add to what sixMidgets said; this bike will melt any fucking bandanna and leather vest it may encounter on the road, leaving nothing behind but trembling hemorrhoids atop road-kings and Ducs. It is indeed a piece of art that rides as one. Grow a pair and just ride.

  • robert woodliff

    Impressive in it's ave guard retro…it's history pointing the way sideways….while the Japanese & the Koreas & oddly in a small way 'we' the Brits have hoovered up the middle market, with their compliant but dull gobbets of die cast boredom…which start often enough to get them to survive to outside the guarantee period, and the press lavish articles on them, and unless it handles like a real dog or vomits oil on the drive way..they get away with it, 'cos they know were the gravy train stops. This is beautiful, not because it beautiful, but because it's in the market, and it cannot be in the market, without a fairly stupid price….it's machine in lower numbers….with techniques that take longer to perform, with materials purchased in lower amounts and therefore has to go into a market who has to pay more to offset it's unorthodox low volume market penetration. This is the dirty bomb in storm of TNT….it is a revelation not a revolution….it is not hub centre steering…it is not turbine power…it is not capacitor buffer…it is not pancake motors…it is not edge driven… its not under seat steering…it is only a dirty bomb…not a nuclear explosion…'cos its marketed at safe money, not radical money, weather it be from trading in junk bonds or generating computer land fill or green wash, even revelations have to speak to people who understand the words..may be they will do a zenith and apex a key stone…but it will be squillians & there will be two or three not ni on a hundred. I hope they do it, this is a great bed rock..but it is not an ivory minaret.