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Feather Motorcycle

Posted on August 3, 2010 by Scott in Other. 29 comments

We call a lot of bikes ‘works of art’ on Pipeburn, but this one truly is. Built by American artist Tim Hawkinson, this life-size bike is made completely from feathers. Needless to say, he didn’t end up with greasy hands building it – unless the birds were from the Gulf of Mexico.

We will send a pair of Metro Racing motorcycle gloves to the funniest comment about our feathered friend. [Thanks Chris]

Update: We have to give the prize to Moto-Bunny for using every bird pun know to man in an amusing story. Thanks to everyone that commented – you gave us many laughs.

  • Tyler

    Brings a whole new meaning to feathering the throttle!

    love it!

  • Steve

    Its a bird!! Its a palne!!….. No wait… wtf its a bird motorcycle?!/!?1?!

  • Chris Mc

    I recommend wearing an egg for a helmet on this one.

  • Lincoln

    Not a BSA Bantam is it?

  • Trapezoid

    What’s hot: lays tasty eggs.
    What’s not: poops on statues.

  • MikeMachine

    The funny thing is it does look like it’s based on BSA Bantam.

  • Kurt Mueller

    Take flight on the all new Avian Hawk, technologically excels with the simple up down 2 stroke motion, the handling of a hummingbird, and yet able to swallow large distances with the stride of an Ostrich.
    Order your Avian Hawk today, you will think you are riding in on a cushion of air.

  • Prototype Norton with Featherbed frame (organic edition).

    I saw some bird I knew with her friend on one of these the other day, and boy were they were really flying. Just tickled me seeing them except I heard they later ran afowl of the law-something about an eagle eyed cop spotting them playing chicken? I guess their goose is really cooked now and they’ll probably have to eat crow and hawk the bike to pay their bills. Owl’s well that ends well though, they did realize the bike was way too light and an all-around real turkey.

    FEATHer? Heck, I hardly even KNOW her!?!

  • I would put it on my head and say. "Look! I am an ‘Indian Chief’!! I know kids would love it.

  • There’s a lot of naked chickens running out there.

  • I bet that thing will fly!

  • Tyler

    That must be Icarus’s motorcycle.

  • GS17

    Congratulations for thinking of this idea…I think.

  • Nicwhitaker

    light as a feather, stiff as a board tracker.

  • Gary W

    Migration has never been cooler.

  • chris

    Must be the Indian Chiefs bike, instead of the head dress.

  • dannyb278

    Thunderbird it aint.

  • revdub

    Bird-brained idea.

    Seriously amazing though.

  • Noah

    Finally, something the Leather Daddy and the Indian in the Village People can agree to ride two-up on!

  • unitedguitar

    I know Honda has been using the wing logo for a long time but this time they took it too far!

  • falconrun

    "To ugly to prostitute…but I do like pot and fat chicks."-Man who rides feathered bike

  • nate

    looks lie BP supplied the wheels

  • jesus.sierra

    to quote: "I know Honda has been using the wing logo for a long time but this time they took it too far!" unitedguitar

    i think it’s definitly the funniest comment!

    "Thunderbird it aint" by dannyb278…a close 2nd

  • valvolux

    just needs a burlesque girl behind it to make it the ultimate fan dance.

  • Bart

    I was hoping the new nighthawk would be lighter,but this is ridiculous.

  • MM

    Is that a feather between your legs or are you just happy to see me?

  • drek

    That bike looks fast. Like it would disappear in a huff.

  • YAY! Thanks guys! I actually wrote that after a long night of working on my ’73 CB500 (charging system hell). I came in out of the shop to check some cycle sites to get the motivation back up while nursing a gin and tonic, when i found this post. Maybe it was the gin, maintenance fatigue, or both that made me kinda silly enough to do that post. 😀

    By the way, I LOVE THIS SITE!!!-it gives me all sorts of inspiration on what to do to the Honda, next (probably not feathers, though 😉 Also, a shout out to the folks at that help me keep the CB alive…

  • Greybeard

    "Well, tickle my ass with a feather!"


    "Er…typically nasty weather!"