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Indian Retro 47

Posted on August 18, 2010 by Scott in Bobber. 12 comments


Earlier this year we featured an Indian Bobber built by Shane at Speed Demon Cycles, and now after 600 hours of “busting his knuckles and burning brain cells” he has finally completed this immaculate Indian project. “The bike has a vintage pushbike theme, with its wide pull back bars, curved frame rails and mid mount foot controls that forces the rider to be transported mentally, back to the past” Shane says. Like many before him, Shane chose the PP100 engine to be the centrepiece for the build. “Many of the top bike builders in the world, have chosen the PP100 engine as the heart and soul for some fantastic build projects. My vision was to design a frame and fork that would compliment the Indian heritage. The hand crafted exhaust system incorporates a punched louver baffle at the top to aid in reversion, while the curved perforated core is packed with ceramic wool to help mellow the bark of this beast. A Biltwell leather seat is mounted on spring dampened shocks for that little bit of ride comfort. The Billet exhaust tip, Gas tank cap, oil filler cap, and outer primary cover, where machined to match the bottle cap rocker boxes”. Shane believes this is “definitely some of my finest work” but is already planning his next Indian build “I’m thinking a salt flat racer, but who knows what will develop”. We look forward to seeing it – whatever it is.



You can also check out loads more beautiful photos and details on Shane’s Indian-Retro47 blog.

  • TonyB

    friggin amazing!

  • coop

    come on, pipeburn. you know better.

  • snoopmarkymark

    not just no, but hell no

  • Woody

    Fucking garbage. If he was going for retro, this meathead completely missed the point.

  • mackmaniack

    I'm SOO saving money… damned piece of bling-bling shiznit, why not in pink with white tires – would fit better.

    • Dutchy13

      i love the bike, the ideas the engineering and the complete package. The bike looks amazing and is a credit to the builder. Look forward to seeing your next one


  • Jurp

    Somewhere a balding 50yr old with a pony tale, boat shoes, short shorts, and a T-shirt that reads "Bad 2 the Bone" is drooling over this bike. Another O.C.C. abortion.

  • Pamberjack

    Tough crowd…

  • T rex

    nice handle bars

  • tom

    makes me feel sick, gonna throw up splertt, to late

  • Leo
  • speed demon

    I guess some of the "meatheads" with their negative comments, fail to appreciate my work for what it is, A piece of art.
    The talent required to design and manufacture this whole bike in one shop, is way beyond the skill level of most of the above "meatheads"
    This bike is not even close to what i would build for myself, but it is a Great deal more than the Owner ever dreamed of.
    SO… snoopmarkymark, Woody, mackmaniac, jurp, and Tom, Man Up you pussies, show us what you can do.