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Falcon Motorcycles ‘Art of Speed’

Posted on September 2, 2010 by Scott in Video. 24 comments

Our friends at Falcon Motorcycles sent us this beautifully shot and edited video of their stunning Kestrel. Photographer Travis Shinn (who has photographed P Diddy, 50 Cent and Marilyn Manson) shot this video on his Canon 5D and Noah Goldsmith of Safe Camp edited the footage. The shoot mainly took place along the LA river in downtown Los Angeles. If you’re wondering who was lucky enough to ride the bike in the video, it’s Ian Barry the builder and part owner of the LA-based workshop.

  • Pamberjack

    All yours, for a lazy US$200k…

  • It is somewhat annoying as if they are screaming " Look! how cool we are!! "

  • TonyB

    love it…. if only I had 200k. Actually I do, but would have to swap my house for it. I'm willing if you are Falcon MC?

  • MikeMachine

    Doesn't compare to the Shinya 'Smell of Oil' vid you featured.

  • @Switchum – It is called marketing, and they have to do because bills have to be payed.

  • D.

    Most pretentious thing I've seen today – and I went to an art gallery opening tonight.
    Also, am I the only one in the world who thinks Falcon are very ordinary designers?

  • I guess I am obviously not their one of marketing targets. I agree with MikeMachine.

  • revdub

    Love it. Again… it must be all the pabst. Why is it that any time something is well done, people call it "pretentious"? Maybe they should have shot it with a VHS cam and featured some bikini chicks? Everyone would applaud.

  • @switchum – Everybody has a personal approach to this business. At least they are not doing it in big corporate bullshit style. That one I hate. But your blog is cool.

  • _vintage

    Great short film, beautifully shot. Very cool that it is done with a DSLR. In truth, no matter what a motorcyle looks like or how much it costs, there will be sections of the market the don't approve. Do i think it is worth 200k not really, but is it a stunning machine… absolutly.

  • Pamberjack

    Pretentious? Yes – a little.

    Average design? No way – these guys are at the top of the heap, undoubtedly.

    Target market? At that price and being based in LA, it's definitely the Hollywood set. From recollection, Jason Lee from "My name is Earl" brought one at last year's Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance.

  • Pamberjack

    BTW – can anybody from L.A./Cali explain to me if running yr car/bike in these storm-water drains is legal?

    You see it all the time (Grease, anyone?) but I just can't see why the cops wouldn't be all over you like a rash – especially if you got a bit of speed up…


  • D.

    > Why is it that any time something is well done, people call it "pretentious"?
    If being out of focus an unable to maintain a steady tracking shot make for a 'well done' video, primary school children should be given control of Hollywood.

  • Frank

    Forget about the bike, that video is terrible. Shaky, cheesy camera work. Just because your digital camera has video doesn't mean you're a filmmaker.

    Bike is kinda' cool though.

  • Woody

    You can see the shortcomings of video on a 5D in the video as well. Shallow DoF is played out as fuck. I kinda wonder why they need two videos for a one-off, as well.

  • Prince Valiant

    Two words – uncompelling & amateur. Two more words – Steady Cam. Final two words – Creatively deficient. OK, so thats a total of six generally unkind words but a $200K motorcycle (gag, $200k…really?) deserves a dramatically better promo video than this.

  • Rumors are funny

    LA Times said $45k, tying to look up where it says it was $200k, @Pamberjack or @Prince Valiant, is this a guess on your part or do you have actual facts?

  • tom

    Nice feature; exhaust touching frame @ 52"-54", bet that makes an interesting teeth chattering sound, Doh

  • Gordon

    Article in Cycle World this month including about the exhausts/headshake. Never read a review from somebody whos ridden one of those bikes before:  

    "Time spent with Kestrel brings these, kinds of continual surprises. No excuses necessary for functionality, either; stability at, speed,  with fluidity in the corners. I rode the Kestrel,  and it’s clear Barry, got the formula right,  as the bike feels, agile yet totally solid around, bends and over bumps. No waggle,  no, weave,  no headshake,  it feels exactly, like a pedigreed vintage racer. Plus,  it’s, very quick with its 750cc engine and, 300-pound weight,  and the engine runs, through the rev range oh-so-smoothly. Shifting is seamless,  and braking about, as good as it gets with a twin-leadingshoe, Triumph backing plate. The sound, from that two-into-one open megaphone, is a deep and menacing growl. The Kestrel has a rare purity and, depth in both aesthetic and functional, execution. It is a machine artfully, informed by history and exquisitely, crafted in modern times,  using a mixture, of time-honored,  by-hand work, and modern CNC machining."

    Nothing in there about the price though.

  • Prince Valiant

    No facts on the $200k and $45K does seem more 'reasonable'. Put me down for two – kidding. In seriousness, the video is extremely poor when compared to the obvious craft and devotion that went into the bike.

  • G

    That article's online:

    I'd use the word "understated', furthest thing from ordinary design.

  • Anon

    This is the first time I've ever been to this site. I like it alot but, man, there are some haters in here. Was it the best video in the world? No, but it was interesting. Haven't seen anywhere claiming this is a professional film shoot. To all the naysayers: Where's your clearly superior work, allowing you the ability to pose hard over the internet?

  • Mike

    Not exactly my chosen motorcycle aesthetic but, I did have the chance to meet a couple of the fabricators from Falcon. They oozed professionalism and love of craft. I can assure you that every molecule of that motorcycle was massaged into existence by talented individuals. To me the video is irrelevant. I just think it's amazing in this period in time to revert back to a paradigm of master craftsmanship. I find what these guys are doing very inspiring. Falcon is fabricating every piece of a beautiful Pre-unit, while I am in the backyard trying to keep my valve clearances adjusted correctly.

    For Pamberjack above. These "storm water drains" you refer to ,is actually the "LA River". It is made of concrete like the rest of LA. It has been featured in tons of films, most importantly Repo Man, probably because of it's close proximity to Hollywood. I have never driven in it but, I imagine you could get away with it. California doesn't have money to worry about that sort of thing.

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