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Bikes Never Crash Alone

Posted on September 3, 2010 by Scott in Other, Video. 6 comments

We don’t want to make a habit of featuring insurance company advertising, but you have to admit this is very compelling. The idea is that motorcycles don’t crash alone, so Allstate Insurance will be there to help you recover when and if you’re bike is involved in a crash – isn’t that nice. How many bikes do you think they crashed making this dramatic commercial? I bet it was a lot more than the five that made the ad.

Update: I just found this ‘making of’ video. Shows how they achieved the final result, also includes an extended version of the commercial.

  • valvolux

    i smiled seeing the H-D crashing

  • Allstate has been getting their butt kicked by Progressive insurance when it comes to motorcycle insurance. I get many mails from them when my time to renew bike insurance comes. They don't give you quote on-line. They want you to call to find out. I guess they like to talk you into switching to them over the phone. I would love to see ALL the bike crash footage they had created for this ad in normal speed with original sound. That would be fun to watch.

  • DM

    I highly doubt any real bikes were crashed to film this ad. It would all be 3d with a physics plug-in in the software.

  • Scott

    It looks too good to be cg. They must have done it for real. I will do some research.

  • DM

    well I stand corrected. I am surprised they did it the old school way and not with cg

  • justin

    What a waist of motorcycle. I wonder what they did with the wrecked bikes when they were done with them.