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1973 Yamaha RD250 Street Tracker

Posted on September 9, 2010 by Scott in Classic, Tracker. 7 comments

This RD250 caught my eye after recently winning the coveted Do The Ton Bike of the Month. The bike hadn’t run for 20 years when Ken Stout bought it as part of a package deal with two 60’s Honda Superhawks. Being a design engineer in the motorcycle/powersport industry it didn’t take him long to get it going. “After cleaning the carbs, new fuel line, and some gas, she fired right up” Ken said. Ken wanted to do something special with the bike and decided to turn it into a street tracker. “The tail section is a modified CBR 1000RR tail from my buddy’s bike, that I saw him wreck while in a wheelie. I stripped the bike to the bare frame, shaved anything that was not needed and cut and chopped the stock electrical brackets to get them to fit where I wanted them. The gas cap I found in the trash at the Buell liquidation sale… cut a big hole in the tank and welded in some sheet metal so it would bolt on. The intake is made of plumbing ABS bought at Lowes (a little tip for everyone: Acetone will melt ABS. So you can use it to blend joints and sanding marks out).  I made the pipes using some of the original pipe (mainly the header tube and some internal parts), some sheet metal rolled into cones and chambers, and a couple sections of exhaust pipe from Autozone. The paint is a mixture of duplicolor and some PPG I had laying around for the last 5 years. Sprayed it in my friend’s garage – thanks to Rebellion Ind.” You can check out more pics of this RD250 street tracker and read Kens build thread here. Alternatively, if you want to see how the Honda Superhawk turned out, hit this link.


  • Pamberjack

    Nice bike – but that exhaust weirds me out.

    Looks like a small, black tin man hanging on under the engine…

  • RebellionInd

    Thanks, for recognizing my garage, it will be forever grateful.

  • Peter

    Great Work!

  • Baron Gives

    That RD250 Street Tracker looks great. I am an older cat who first read Zen and the Art of Mortorcycle Maintenance about 25 years ago and am only now thinking about buying a bike. Yours looks like it would fit the bill. If you're interested in selling it or a bike similar please shoot me an email.

  • Stout

    Baron, I haven't looked it this in awhile. I am in the process of finishing up a new set of pipes for it and am interested in selling to help fund my next project. But it doesn't appear that your email is on your post. Please let me know if you are still interested. Thanks.

  • Stout

    Apparently my email isn't listed either, even though I typed it in. Feel free to call me if you're interested. six O eight 628-4389.

  • Arjun

    I think the exhaust looks sick