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Photographer profile – Mondo Lulu

Posted on September 18, 2010 by Scott in Other. 4 comments

Mondo Lulu is a photographer and designer living in Toronto. We spotted some of his Café Racer photos on Flickr and thought we’d asked him a few questions:

Pipeburn: What inspires you?
Mondo Lulu: Great Photography. Great design, both man-made and natural. A different take on things that make me say, “why didn’t I think of that…”

PB: What do you ride?
ML: I like small bikes. A ratty little Chinese scooter for fun and a bigger Italian one for utility.

PB: What is your dream bike?
ML: Coveting my friend’s Japanimated Yamaha SR500 (pictured below). But a Honda Dream 305 will do me just fine.

PB: What is (for those that don’t know) and how are you involved?
ML: is a café racer website, founded in Toronto, that has grown to encompass thousands of members internationally. started going on late-night chilly november rides with them in ’08, documenting our hijinks with my camera.

PB: What is your ‘cafe speed’ series for?
ML: The studio shots are stills for a pilot TV series in the works in conjunction with DoTheTon. Can’t give away too much until it’s actually produced. The street shots are a representation of what I experience – a vibrant and exciting Café scene here in Toronto.

You can view Mondo’s complete Flickr gallery here

  • Damo

    That last pic (silver tank) is a CX500. Would love to see the rest of it…..Any More?????

  • Pamberjack

    It's worth checking out the Flickr gallery – there's some (more) sweet bikes in there…

  • I was aware of his work. Put some of his works in my blog a month or so ago. Nice to see you guys had an interview with him. I enjoyed his work with ladies more. But for some reasons when he uses people, they appear to be lifeless mannequins. So much that some people look like wax figures. That sometimes bugs me.

  • Represto

    The CX500 was built by Paul Dutra (aka Lil' Beast, aka Dutra Customs). He's a bike builder and active poster over at