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The Great Frog London

Posted on September 20, 2010 by Scott in Other, Review. 16 comments

Who doesn’t like a skull? Iconic London jeweller The Great Frog have created a new Biker Skull ring. The Great Frog aren’t new to skull rings, they claim to have created them. Now in its 37th year they have made jewellery for many rockers, bikers and those on the “edge of the mainstream”. They also have designed original pieces for Metallica, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Slash – just to name a few. Great Frog caused a stir a few years ago with this graphic tv ad which was quickly banned, but generated loads of free publcity. Check out the new Great Frog Blog to see more from these bespoke jewellers. [Photos by Mads Perch]

  • tom

    thats funny posing in front of a standard CD250, edge of mainstream LOL

  • Dudes, hook a brother up with a working website.

  • Delicate Pete

    What a contrived mess. The jewelry is kind of cool I guess, but the models/caricatures and art direction on the other hand seriously makes me giggle. Ok, let's get back to the bikes.

  • Pamberjack

    @Delicate Pete – You say "caricature", I say tough mofo who'd probably break yr nose for calling him a caricature…

  • Peter

    Ed Hardy meets The Expendables… Lame.

    Advertorial much?

  • Nick

    Really really lame.

  • Skulls, iron cross, chrome parts and flames are only cool in moderation.

    But they sell well for some reason so can't blame the producers.

  • Delicate Pete

    Pamberjack, did I say "caricature," I meant poser. Posers pose and I'd that's exactly what's going on in the advert. Not buying it. I really think the poor guy just needs a hug. I'm suspecting his aggressive demeanor might be the result of all that bad ink…

    By the way, I love this site so I'm going to keep it positive. Pipeburn rules.

  • HJ

    looks like another thing to go with the tribal arm band tatoo, chaps in june, and brass knuckle "respect" t- shirts…….
    show something really bad ass….RESPECT THE PANDA!

  • Jurp

    @HJ, They should package up all this B.S and sell it as a "bad ass" kit. That way poser's and Douche Bages can get the whole outfit at one time. Oh yes, respect the Panda indeed.

  • Scott

    Ha ha. Ok so the pics are pretty lame but I stand by the jewellery. And yes @delicatePete… back to the bikes!

  • hoyt

    Vans are cool, but those particular pair are the most preppy of the lot


    You all talk a bunch of shit. if that dude walked up on you, you wouldnt even look him in the face. gotta love the internet. once a pussy always a pussy. keep runnin your mouths.

  • tedmen

    ha ha, I knew that dude in grade 11, he sang in the choir and was in the chess club, he used to get wedgied mercilously, now look at him, he got himself a persona and he's definitely tough now! ….you can tell he's tough, just look at em…..ha ha ha.

  • rrz

    Although all this might be posed for advertising you don't get tats like that for anything but yourself. Like this site. Like Great Frog. Also like Crazy Pig!

  • Fifi

    Correct you don't get tats like that for anything but yourself, and they’re stunning as are the models, would you prefer a couple of pansies mincing it up? The Great Frog is the most fucking exceptional line of heavy metal jewellery, and if you have ever invested in any you’ll know how it makes you feel wearing it. I think I’m seriously in love with this model!