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Honda CRM250 Café Racer

Posted on September 25, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 9 comments

Thomas Lonnen has been building and riding bikes since he was a kid – although building this bike was no child’s play. After having an accident and breaking his leg quite badly on a 2001 CR250, he decided to use the CR engine in this café racer project. Starting with a Honda CRM250 he cleaned the frame of brackets and welds then made the subframe to suit the aluminium body work – which was all beautifully home made. “I’ve been a welder since I left school” said Thom. “That’s the forth tank I’ve made and they are getting better each time.” Thomas then fitted the CR250 motor with a lighting coil making it AC electrics, “so I had to borrow a horn from an old vespa” he says.” The forks were taken from a Suzuki GS400, motard rims from an XR400SM and the overall weight of this super light bike is under 90Kg.

Thomas told us that after building bikes for the last ten years “I’ve accumulated a nice collection of home made mini bikes.” Most of his motorbikes have caused a stir on the streets of Hong Kong where Thom lives. He’s next project is going to be a classic style street scrambler using on a Yamaha XT600 – we’re already looking forward to seeing it.

  • Steve

    Wow, if that's only his 4th tank I'd like to see the 5th, 6th, etc. Bike just looks great (have fun polishing!).

  • WP

    It beats the RSD KTM cafe racer you featured. Well done Thom.

  • timbo cafe

    the pure form of the cafe racer.stripped down ,lightweight and pure Fun……….beautiful

  • thom

    thanks guys, funny thing is I can't stand polishing, Doh
    would like to thank Scott for the feature and top website
    would also like to thank my daughters boyfriend Warren for the pics
    If you like his work checkout the website, some amazing photo's of Hong Kong

  • Frank

    I like it how you integrated the backlight into the hump. Great job all in all. I have seen alloy tanks made by "proffessionals" with not half the professional look you could do. Congrats.

  • Pete

    Very nice. Make a nice airbox for it.

  • Alan

    What a beauty ! Remarkable craftsmanship indeed

  • KIK


  • Kevin Aston