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1976 Benelli 750 Sei

Posted on October 6, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 16 comments

Oscar Wilde once said “Beauty is a form of genius”. If this is true, then German builder Julius Bott is one clever guy. Julius built this beautiful Benelli Cafe Racer after purchasing it from a friend a few years ago. It was a complete wreck, or a piece of “sheisse” as they might say in German. It took Julius two solid years to rebuild this bike from the ground up. He knew right from the beginning that he wanted to build a classic styled cafe racer. Julius started by completely overhauling the engine back to better than original condition – it still produces 58 hp. Amazingly, the Benelli Sei was the first production motorcycle with a 6-cylinder engine – based on the four-cylinder Honda CB500 only with two extra cylinders. Julius has added many things you wouldn’t find on the original though. Like the tank which is an old Honda racing tank and the seat is off a Laverda. He also replaced all the electrics and repainted the frame in a striking gold. One word sums up this stunning project, and it’s the only other German word I know (apart from Bier)… wonderbar!
[Thanks Michiel at BMW Cafe Blog]

  • Pamberjack

    Needs more exhaust pipes.

  • drek

    what's with the jeweled light on the LH panel? (I know, of all the things to point out…)

    This bike has a very aeronautical quality to it. Something about the color scheme and the fine watch-like engine build.

  • A piece of art. Very elegant and classy.

  • dan

    6 cilinders and 6 exhausts and then 58 HP? i've seen 50cc 20 hp mopeds, one cilinder, one exhaust…I think this is a bit overdone…Rest of the bike is nice though

  • Pamberjack

    @drek Are they switches? Or a 12v accessories socket?

  • Matthew

    Does anyone know where you can get a similar tacho and instrument display from? And where you can get decent handle bar switches?

  • The pipes and the seat are my favorite features on this bike. He can keep that paint scheme. More satin black like whats on the pipes would have made a huge difference.

  • Jagan


  • Vorobo

    I'm pretty sure this bike has no battery. So this is to charge some capacitator that ignites the sparks.

    my best guess…


  • tedmen

    Beautiful bike, ….but was also surprised by the 58 hp.

  • Stephen McKenzie

    I think the 58 BHB is a typo, unless he has managed to detune it! They should be 76 BHP – at least that what is in my bod standard 750 Sei

  • Scott

    The specs he gave us said 58hp. I did think it seems low, then checked on and it also said 58hp was stock.

  • dave

    power output is 58Kw.

  • gmonsen

    Side panel should be matching green.  Aesthetically off-putting.  Otherwise a beautiful conception and execution.  

  • buyungnov

    how long distance for a litre fuel…??

  • coljee

    is there somebody who knows who deliver this type of potrol tank ?