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Royal Enfield ‘Light Foot’

Posted on October 26, 2010 by Scott in Bobber. 14 comments

Just came across this stunning motorcycle on Bikermetric. No, it’s not the latest from Falcon Motorcycles – although it does look like they’ve taken inspiration from the Bullet Falcon. Surprisingly, it was built by a custom shop in India called Rajputana Custom Motorcycles. The bike was made for a famous Bollywood actor, model and singer named John Abraham. Vijay Singh, Rajputana Customs Co-Owner said: “The bike we have built for John is an extension of his personality and taste. For instance, the bike is subtle, simplistic, and a complete stand-out much like John’s calm and uncomplicated demeanor but amazing presence”. Doesn’t John sound like a catch?

The motorcycle was built around the new Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 engine and was inspired by Board Track Racers from the 1920’s. Fitted with girder front suspension and original 1948 BSA 500 spring. The attention to detail is amazing, right down to custom hand engraving on all the brass parts.

If you want to see more pics of this bike they call ‘Light Foot’, you can visit Rajputana Customs Facebook page.

  • Cassio

    wow those engraved levers are a piece of art! cool bike, the seat seems a bit bulky compare to the rest of the bike. Either way, beautiful work!

  • Andrew

    Great to see a custom that's not from the US, North America or Australia. Motorcycling has always been about being an "outsider", and this bike really embodies that.

  • Chris

    Look at this handlebar and that engraving…really damn nice work…..just sweet like butter chicken 😉

  • glad you're a reader, scott, and that you dig this bike and builder, too.

    i'm with andrew's sentiment. custom bikes are not only a north-american or even european love affair as i've found some killer work being done in the far east. builders from south korea, thailand, indonesia, and india are creating some tasty rides in the bobber, chopper and cafe racer styles. they're interesting because they reflect the region's socio-economic preferences. they're usually small and often made from motors we don't get in europe, australia or the states.

  • Andrew

    PS. There's no where near enough custom Royal Enfields out there. Such a cheap and good-looking bike to use as a base for a custom. Hmmmm…

  • Agreed – a fantastic modern vintage bike like the Kawa 650 – 500cc single cafe racer anyone ?? They would make great scrambler / flattrackers too…..

  • KIK

    looks like a sr500 and a confederate had a baby .. as if a chihuahua and a pitbull had a puppy….weird but you cant stop looking at it.

  • Raj Roy

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM what an amazing machine…lost for words…*jaw just hit the floor.

  • _dan

    Gorgeous, certainly one to remember.

  • D.

    > weird but you cant stop looking at it.

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Patrick

    Yeah. Maybe the tank+saddle ride up and overwhelm the kinda spindly front end, or maybe the headlight is a bit lost scalewise.

    But I still love this bike. A lot of ''craft'' in there. Great stuff.

  • What a spectacular. Nicely designed and having a nice art on that.. Brilliant, John Abraham would be glad of having such bike.

  • altaf

    hi this is a nice bike realay ……….hume bhi is type ki bike banana hi .please help me

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