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Barbour Vintage Leather Jacket

Posted on November 6, 2010 by Scott in Review. 5 comments

There’s some things in life you can skimp on; like Valentine’s Day cards, maps, hair cuts, your mother-in-laws xmas presents, and then there’s leather jackets. The good ones should last forever, like these Barbour Vintage Leather Jackets – you can almost smell the adventure. They come ‘new’ with a broken-in vintage look, so you don’t have to look like ‘that guy’ who just bought a leather jacket. Plus there’s loads of functions you’d expect from a Barbour jacket; like button storm flap, adjustable waist belt and loads of pockets for much needed storage. With a genuine leather outer they also have a lining made with wool tartan and a polyamide quilted drip strip (sounds impressive). Still reading? Then you can buy one at the Barbour Store – your son will thank you for it… one day.

  • Andrew

    I am bored…

    its a waist belt 😉

  • Pretty cool jackets, different than most I see. They should do a good heavy leather M65 military field jacket style though, like a bit more minimalist in design.

    I just got done with another salvo of repairs on my '70s Schott I bought off of feeBay 10 years ago. Trying to keep it going as long as I can (it's handy that I am good with leather work and sewing) but I will probably need a new leather, at some point. 😛

  • Scott

    @ Andrew Ha ha. Nup, that is a waste belt. cheers.

  • KIK


  • Stefan

    Can't wait for the knockoffs to show up on DHgate…got my belstaff trial knockoff from there and it kicks ass.