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1959 Twin-engined “Tri2ton”

Posted on November 13, 2010 by Andrew in Café Racer, Classic, Other. 26 comments

Peter Andrews isn’t a guy to do things by halves. For us mortals, just owning an authentic Triton would be more than enough of our prayers answered, but Pete decided to do just that little bit extra. Well, 100% extra to be precise. He’s not only got himself one of the world’s sweetest café racers, but he’s gone an added an extra damn engine to it.

The 1298cc Tri2ton has blitzed the British show scene, taking out this year’s Classic Bike magazine’s Bike of the Year award amongst strong competition and also managed to win out over a Falcon creation in another. I was sort of shocked to realise that it hadn’t already done the round of the bike blogs – so read up & enjoy.

Pete had had the idea of a twin-engined Triton banging around inside his skull bone for 40 years before he took the plunge in 2009, spurred on by a mate who found the extended frame and was planning to on-sell. In a classic “you only live once” moment, he bit the bullet and decided to go for it – something I think more of us need to do once or twice in our lives. And go for it he obviously did. How’d you like to able to stand next to this little beauty and call it your own?

So very shiny. So very, very loud


Waking the beast is accomplished by kick-starting the rear engine while the front has it’s decompressors open. Then the front one is effectively started by the rear. Once both engines are running, the noise is reported to be phenomenal; somewhat akin to a racing V8. I can only imagine what it’d sound like under full throttle, but I dare say small children and those with weak constitutions should stay well away.

Despite the extra 8 inches added to the overall length of the bike, the thing still wanted to lift the front wheel when the petroleum was liberally applied, forcing Pete to change the gearing to keep the monster machine from doing it’s best impression of a jet fighter.

Full points for aesthetics, too. You see too many show bikes that are just stupidly overdone with enough sickly metallic flake, vivid colours, and other assorted tacky bling to turn a healthy person into an instant diabetic. But somehow the bike manages to be both outrageous AND beautifully restrained, all at the same time.

Like Karma Sutra for engines

Other mods include a Matchless gearbox, Bob Newby racing clutch and belt drive, four independent magnetos (allowing the cylinder firing order to be set to pretty much whatever you like), custom Hagon shocks and Suzuki GT750 drums on the front. The compression was lowered to 8.5:1 and the two Triumph twins skim above the asphalt on Metzeler Laser tires.

If you’re reading this Pete, amazing job. If I was wearing a hat, it’d be off to you right about now…

Double engines, double denim

P.S. Many thanks to Classic Bike magazine for the details and inspiration.

  • Chris

    Bellisima, i fell in love with this, but why does he miss the 3rd one to make a real triple tri3ton,
    that would be…aww words can't describe that! 😉

  • Chris

    (double post removed – Andrew)

  • Keeees

    Looks nice, technically great, but… Does that long thing handle? Which was the whole point of the original Triton.

  • Andrew

    @Keeees Apparently it handles pretty damn well considering the extra weight and length; it will understeer a little but as long as you don't leave it too late corners aren't a problem at all – unlike the extra length you'll find in your arms after a few brisk rides…

  • KIK

    not my cup of tea but very clean and extremely well done, cheers

  • Krook Street Racing

    You've got to admire the workmanship.


  • Mayhem

    Does he have to take off the footpeg to start it?? Doesn't seem to be much room back there! Beautiful machine regardless!

  • Andrew

    @Mayhem I read something about a set of starting rollers while researching the bike. Methinks it may be a bit of a bugger to start…

  • Ola

    Would've liked to see more pics/info on how he has connected the two engines together, and how he has handled carburation issues. Otherwise, pretty interesting build!

  • Gudge

    While the workmanship is top notch, things like this are just dumb in my opinion. Nobody will ever actually ride this thing….it's just doing it to do it. A waste of a frame and two motors if you ask me.

    Building bikes so they can only be admired and never seriously ridden needs to stop. Just my opinion of course.

  • sven

    gudge why don't you post some of your creations so we can give our opinion on them? what's that? you've never built a bike? oh.

  • tri2ton

    hi, thanks for your interest in my twin engined creation of which i loved building, i wanted some thing different and interesting which i hopefully done, not every ones cup of tea but it worked for me,i have started a new project now a BSA FOUR,
    thanks for the write up and comments

  • tri2ton

    hi forgot to mention thanks for noticeing the matching denems

  • ted


  • CHETtheJET

    WHAT I CALL "SLICK"….i've just discovered "PIPEBURN",and am amazed with all the fine workmanship…it will take months and months to read it all (maybe i can get rid of the damm cable,this is way better for me. THANKS PIPEBURN…keep it up!

  • peter andrews

    hi thanks for the comments on my twin engined triton,i have just finnished my new project a 1955 bsa b31 frame norton front forks susuki 4 leader front brake triumph conicle rear and a cb750 dohc engine ,took it to the stafford show and won the engieering excellence tropy again
    regards peter andrews

  • peter andrews


    • Pete! Congratulations on the new win! When are you going to build us something new to drool over?


        2015,e/mail me at, I WILL SEND SOME PICS

  • shapeshifter


  • Oliver Seibert

    What a waste of a classic triumph engine 2 classic triumph engines. Lame as fuck

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  • eillod

    Excellent craftmanship!
    Big fan of most classic form of caf racer, but this is times two!

    definitely will stand out amongst 1300cc class in salt lake!

  • Taylor

    The man is an artist, best build Ive seen this year easy.