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Top 10 in 2010

Posted on December 9, 2010 by Scott in Other. 19 comments

With the year coming to an end we thought it’d be cool to look back at this years most popular posts. They are definitely an eclectic bunch – but we would love to find any of them in our garage at Christmas. You may be wondering how they were selected. It came down to two factors. Firstly, the number of comments the bike received and secondly the amount of traffic the articles had achieved over the year. Obviously the older stories have an advantage but some of the newest posts actually placed in the higher rankings. Anyway let’s get to it. Drum roll please…

10. Ducati 900
This beautiful Ducati 900ss was built in a barn in Idaho by the talented guys at Union Motorcycles. It just scraped into number 10 spot, not because it received a lot of comments but due to the fact it’s still one of the most viewed bikes on Pipeburn.


9. Yamaha XS650 Bobber
Everyone loves a good story, and this was an inspiring one. This XS650 Bobber was built by a young man who didn’t even have his motorcycle license – it got a lot of comments and most of them were positive. If you haven’t read the article then just hit the link.


8. Honda CB450 Cafe Racer
In eighth place we have this stunning CB450. I almost didn’t post this bike due to the large number CB’s I had previously featured. Built by Kevin Dinsmoor, using mostly BCR products this cafe racer receive lots of positive comments – and that’s just what we like. You can view more photos here.


7. Icon Snakecharmer.
Lucky number seven was taken out by Icons rough and ready cafe racer named the Snakecharmer. Icon’s bikes always always get the comments rolling in, and this one was no different.


6. Honda CB450 Bobber
Next we have Scott Halbleib’s Gravel Crew inspired 1971 CB450 bobber. Although we featured it almost 6 months ago it still gets loads of attention.


5. 1959 Tri2on Cafe Racer.
What can i say? A twin-engined Triton was always going to make some noise. This 1298cc Tri2ton Cafe Racer was not only popular on Pipeburn, but it also took out Classic Bike Magazine’s Bike of the Year.


4. Pulse Jet Bicycle
So technically it’s not a motorcycle but this Jet bike not only stops traffic, it also receives a lot of traffic. Built by inventor Robert Maddox, this is one bicycle I would like to see Lance Armstrong ride – he may need to swap his lycra shorts for some leather. To see the World’s Fastest Bicycle in action you can view the video in the original post.


3. Rat Bobber
This one will certainly raise a few eyebrows, especially coming in at number three. Jed’s Harley Rat Bobber received loads of comments – both positive and negative. A bike like this will never be to everyones taste, but I’m sure Jed wouldn’t have it any other way. Special mention to Andrew for taking some great photographs in his apartment’s underground car park own personal studio. Check out all the photographs and full article here.


2. Moto Guzzi Boardtracker.
The number two spot was given to the 20 year old Swedish prodigy, Adam Nestor. This bike caused a commotion across pretty much all of the continents; not only due to the fact it was built by someone barely out of school, but also because it’s just so friggin’ cool.


1. Honda CB360
Number one spot goes to Peter Cabral’s CB360. Not only does it still receive a lot of comments, it’s simply a stunning cafe racer. Having posted a lot of great CB’s this year, it’s probably no surprise that a couple made it in the top 10. But credit where credit is due, this is one outstanding little bike.

Ironically, the most popular post of 2010 didn’t even feature a bike – it was our poll on filtering. It soon became clear this was a topic everyone was very passionate about and it officially holds the record for the most comments on Pipeburn. We were seriously blown away by the response and it was great to see our readers from all around the world sharing their local experiences. Stay tuned for more Pipeburn polls in the coming months.

  • Daoud09

    Do I want one in my garage? YES. The Tri2ton. As for the rest, nice work but "Ho Hum". But then," everyone has the right to their own opinions said the old lady as she kissed her pet cow".

  • SportsterMike

    Have only just started reading Pipeburn
    Even though I have always had a Harley its nice to see other bikes especially XS650s etc
    Real bikes made by real people – even if some are not to my taste
    I certainly couldn't do the work
    Wish list for Christmas?.. a welding course
    The 450 bobber is my favourite in these 10 posts

  • P.F. Flyer

    Although i don't agree with the order, the line up is good. Could do without the Harley though. I have seen a few good Sportys over the years, but all followed the "cafe theme". I am not much for the chopped or bobbed look on what I consider the best model Harley presently builds.
    I am sick of going to shows and seeing these "customs" that were either bought off the floor or pieced together from massed produced parts. I have seen bikes built with square tubeing that impessed me more.
    I love seeing the imagination and creativity that goes into the bikes featured here. Keep up the good work!!

  • ralenti

    Arghh the Snakecharmer is soo dirty I just wanna get with it!

  • Alex

    Damn I love that guys on the cheap xs650. So simple and so awesome.

  • caferacer

    The winner is also my idea of a nice cafe racer. love it!

  • Anton 3000

    Quick only 1 hour 20min to go to pick up the XS650 Bobber!

  • ToothChipper

    The XS650 is the most badass bike I've seen in a very long time! And this is coming from a CB owner. This bike has inspired me to build a bobber myself!

  • KIK

    650 bobber, just cause the kid has heart, period

  • Andrew

    @Anton 3000 Looks as if the bike failed to sell. Bargain if you ask me – if I was in Cali I'd be making the kid an offer…

  • J Sweden

    This XS 360 made my list (even though some complained on rear wheel travel)

  • Snake

    I can't believe that the number 1 place goes to the simple no fuss CB350 over the Moto Guzzi Boardtracker!!!
    come on guys, that Moto Guzzi is the best looking machine, look at the work on this bike!! I can only wish I can do this type of work on mine, not just slap some store bought poor imitation of a clip on. Be real and put the Moto Guzzi in front!

  • zbone

    idk, that 350 is everything a good cafe racer should be

  • Snake

    Is the 3rd place bike a cafe racer???

  • Scott

    @Snake Third place is a Bobber. If you mean 8th place, then yes.

    Also, I agree that the Guzzi deserves number one spot on looks and build quality. But I had to stick to the judging criteria which also included comments and hits.

  • HJ

    Nice pics guys, although everyone of these bikes may not be your thing, anyone who has built a bike can recognize the work involved. Hating any one make is ridiculous, it is the skill of the fabricator that makes the bike. Calling out the ironhead bobber is hipocritical unless you do the same to every CB made into a cafe. Read the write up and you'll find Jed runs the hell out of his bike and will loan it out to a friend, isn't that what this is all about?

  • Cassio

    I'm the builder of the xs650 and its a great honor to have made this list. Thank you all for all the support and the encouragement. The bike is now for sale by the second owner in California. I hope it goes to another person that will enjoy it as much as i did.

    I hope my current triumph project will received similar praise when I can call it finished.

  • Andrew

    @ Cassio Make sure you keep us in the loop on that Triumph build. We'd be more than happy to feature it once you get it finished 🙂